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Alberta Fishery Regulations, 1998 (SOR/98-246)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28 and last amended on 2018-03-07. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 9(Sections 35 and 36)

Prescribed Offences and Fines

Column 1Column 2Column 3
ItemProvision of RegulationsDescription of OffenceFine ($)
14Fishing in closed waters200
25-6Possessing live fish without authorization200
37Failing to release unauthorised fish immediately or in a manner that causes least harm100
48Placing in water bait not attached to a hook50
59Fishing with prohibited light150
613Sportfishing without authorization100
713Fishing, other than sportfishing, without authorization250
815Sportfishing in closed waters200
916Catching and retaining more than daily quota200, plus 50 for each fish in excess of the quota to a maximum of 10 fish
1017Exceeding possession limit200, plus 50 for each fish in excess of possession limit to a maximum of 10 fish
1119(a)Angling with more than three hooks on a line50
1219(b)Angling with a hook with more than three points on a common shaft50
1319(c)Angling with a lure with more than three hooks as part of it50
1419(d)Angling with more than one line in open water100
1519(e)Angling with more than two lines in ice-covered water100
1619(f)Angling with spring-loaded hook100
1719(g)Angling using prohibited fish as bait200
1820(a)Fishing by snagging200
1920(b)Possessing fish taken by snagging200
2020(c)Possessing a snagging device200
2120(d)Possessing a gaff hook while angling200
2221Being more than 30 m from any line in water50
2322Angling through ice in specified waters200
2423Sportfishing with prohibited gear100 for the use of a hook, except a barbless hook. For all other offences of prohibited gear, 200
2523Sportfishing with prohibited bait200
2624Fishing with dip net for fish other than bait fish or crayfish200
2724Fishing with seine net for fish other than bait fish or crayfish200
2824Fishing with minnow trap for fish other than bait fish or crayfish200
2924Fishing with dip net in prohibited waters150
3024Fishing with seine net in prohibited waters150
3124Fishing with minnow trap in prohibited waters150
3225Fishing with improperly marked minnow trap100
3325Fishing with oversized minnow trap150
3425Fishing with more than two minnow traps150
3526Fishing with oversized seine net150
3627Fishing with bow and arrow for prohibited species150
3727Fishing with cross bow150
3828Fishing with spear using prohibited means of propulsion150
3928Fishing with spear while not swimming150
4028Fishing with spear for prohibited species150
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