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Refugee Protection Division Rules (SOR/2012-256)

Regulations are current to 2024-02-06 and last amended on 2012-12-15. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 2(Paragraph 3(5)(d))

Information To Be Provided About the Claimant by an Officer

1Name, gender and date of birth.
2Department of Citizenship and Immigration client identification number.
3If the claimant is detained, the name and address of the place of detention.
4Claimant’s contact information in Canada, if any.
5Contact information of any counsel for the claimant.
6Official language chosen by the claimant as the language of proceedings before the Board.
7Date the claim was referred or deemed to be referred to the Division.
8Section of the Act under which the claim is being referred.
9Officer’s decision about the claim’s eligibility under section 100 of the Act, if a decision has been made.
10The country or countries in which the claimant fears persecution, torture, a risk to their life or a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.
11Whether the claimant may need a designated representative and the contact information for any proposed designated representative.
12Whether the claimant needs an interpreter, including a sign language interpreter, during any proceeding, and the language and dialect, if any, to be interpreted.
13If a claim of the claimant’s spouse, common-law partner or any relative has been referred to the Division, the name and Department of Citizenship and Immigration client identification numbers of each of those persons.
14When and how the officer notified the claimant of the referral of the claim to the Division.
15Whether the claim was made at a port of entry or inside Canada other than at a port of entry.
16Any other information gathered by the officer about the claimant that is relevant to the claim.

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