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Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Implementation Act (S.C. 2017, c. 6)

Assented to 2017-05-16

SCHEDULE 6(Subsection 115(1))


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ItemIndicationTransliteration (for information purposes only)Category of Agricultural Product or FoodOriginating Territory (Territory, Region or Locality) (for information purposes only)
1České pivoBeerCzech Republic
2Žatecký ChmelHopsCzech Republic
3Hopfen aus der HallertauHopsGermany
4Nürnberger BratwürsteFresh, frozen and processed meatsGermany
5Nürnberger RostbratwürsteFresh, frozen and processed meatsGermany
6Schwarzwälder SchinkenFresh, frozen and processed meatsGermany
7Aachener PrintenConfectionery and baked productsGermany
8Nürnberger LebkuchenConfectionery and baked productsGermany
9Lübecker MarzipanConfectionery and baked productsGermany
10Bremer KlabenConfectionery and baked productsGermany
11Hessischer HandkäseCheesesGermany
12Hessischer HandkäsCheesesGermany
13Tettnanger HopfenHopsGermany
14Spreewälder GurkenFresh and processed vegetable productsGermany
16Ελιά ΚαλαμάταςElia KalamatasTable and processed olivesGreece
17Μαστίχα ΧίουMasticha ChiouNatural gums and resins - chewing gumGreece
20Ελαιόλαδο ΚαλαμάταςElaiolado KalamataOils and animal fatsGreece
21Ελαιόλαδο Κολυμβάρι Χανίων ΚρήτηςElaiolado Kolymvari Chanion KritisOils and animal fatsGreece
22Ελαιόλαδο Σητείας Λασιθίου ΚρήτηςElaiolado Sitia Lasithiou KritisOils and animal fatsGreece
23Ελαιόλαδο ΛακωνίαElaiolado LakoniaOils and animal fatsGreece
24Κρόκος ΚοζάνηςKrokos KozanisSpicesGreece
26Γραβιέρα ΚρήτηςGraviera KritisCheesesGreece
27Γραβιέρα ΝάξουGraviera NaxouCheesesGreece
30Φασόλια Γίγαντες Ελέφαντες ΚαστοριάςFassolia Gigantes Elefantes KastoriasFresh and processed vegetable productsGreece
31Φασόλια Γίγαντες Ελέφαντες Πρεσπών ΦλώριναςFassolia Gigantes Elefantes Prespon FlorinasFresh and processed vegetable productsGreece
32Κονσερβολιά ΑμφίσσηςKonservolia AmfissisTable and processed olivesGreece
33Λουκούμι ΓεροσκήπουLoukoumi GeroskipouConfectionery and baked productsCyprus
34BaenaOils and animal fatsSpain
35Sierra MáginaOils and animal fatsSpain
36Aceite del Baix Ebre-MontsíaOils and animal fatsSpain
37Oli del Baix Ebre-MontsíaOils and animal fatsSpain
38Aceite del Bajo AragónOils and animal fatsSpain
39AntequeraOils and animal fatsSpain
40Priego de CórdobaOils and animal fatsSpain
41Sierra de CádizOils and animal fatsSpain
42Sierra de SeguraOils and animal fatsSpain
43Sierra de CazorlaOils and animal fatsSpain
44SiuranaOils and animal fatsSpain
45Aceite de Terra AltaOils and animal fatsSpain
46Oli de Terra AltaOils and animal fatsSpain
47Les GarriguesOils and animal fatsSpain
48EstepaOils and animal fatsSpain
49GuijueloFresh, frozen and processed meatsSpain
50Jamón de HuelvaFresh, frozen and processed meatsSpain
51Jamón de TeruelFresh, frozen and processed meatsSpain
52Salchichón de VicFresh, frozen and processed meatsSpain
53Llonganissa de VicFresh, frozen and processed meatsSpain
55Queso ManchegoCheesesSpain
56Cítricos ValencianosFresh and processed fruits and nutsSpain
57Cîtrics ValanciansFresh and processed fruits and nutsSpain
58JijonaConfectionery and baked productsSpain
59Turrón de AlicanteConfectionery and baked productsSpain
60Azafrán de la ManchaSpicesSpain
63Reblochon de SavoieCheesesFrance
65Camembert de NormandieCheesesFrance
66Brie de MeauxCheesesFrance
67Emmental de SavoieCheesesFrance
68Pruneaux d’AgenFresh and processed fruits and nutsFrance
69Pruneaux d’Agen mi-cuitsFresh and processed fruits and nutsFrance
70Huîtres de Marennes-OléronFresh, frozen and processed fish productsFrance
71Canards à foie gras du Sud-Ouest: ChalosseFresh, frozen and processed meatsFrance
72Canards à foie gras du Sud-Ouest: GascogneFresh, frozen and processed meatsFrance
73Canards à foie gras du Sud-Ouest: GersFresh, frozen and processed meatsFrance
74Canards à foie gras du Sud-Ouest: LandesFresh, frozen and processed meatsFrance
75Canards à foie gras du Sud-Ouest: PérigordFresh, frozen and processed meatsFrance
76Canards à foie gras du Sud-Ouest: QuercyFresh, frozen and processed meatsFrance
77Jambon de BayonneDry-cured meatsFrance
78Huile d’olive de Haute-ProvenceOils and animal fatsFrance
79Huile essentielle de lavande de Haute-ProvenceEssential oilsFrance
86Munster GéroméCheesesFrance
87Fourme d’AmbertCheesesFrance
89Bleu d’AuvergneCheesesFrance
92Fourme de CantalCheesesFrance
94Petit CantalCheesesFrance
95Tomme de SavoieCheesesFrance
98Chabichou du PoitouCheesesFrance
99Crottin de ChavignolCheesesFrance
101Piment d’EspeletteSpicesFrance
102Lentille verte du PuyFresh and processed vegetable productsFrance
103Aceto balsamico Tradizionale di ModenaVinegarItaly
104Aceto balsamico di ModenaVinegarItaly
105Cotechino ModenaFresh, frozen and processed meatsItaly
106Zampone ModenaFresh, frozen and processed meatsItaly
107Bresaola della ValtellinaFresh, frozen and processed meatsItaly
108Mortadella BolognaFresh, frozen and processed meatsItaly
109Prosciutto di ParmaDry-cured meatsItaly
110Prosciutto di S. DanieleDry-cured meatsItaly
111Prosciutto ToscanoDry-cured meatsItaly
112Prosciutto di ModenaDry-cured meatsItaly
113Provolone ValpadanaCheesesItaly
118Grana PadanoCheesesItaly
119Mozzarella di Bufala CampanaCheesesItaly
120Parmigiano ReggianoCheesesItaly
121Pecorino RomanoCheesesItaly
122Pecorino SardoCheesesItaly
123Pecorino ToscanoCheesesItaly
124Arancia Rossa di SiciliaFresh and processed fruits and nutsItaly
125Cappero di PantelleriaFresh and processed fruits and nutsItaly
126Kiwi LatinaFresh and processed fruits and nutsItaly
127Lenticchia di Castelluccio di NorciaFresh and processed vegetable productsItaly
128Mela Alto AdigeFresh and processed fruits and nutsItaly
129Südtiroler ApfelFresh and processed fruits and nutsItaly
130Pesca e nettarina di RomagnaFresh and processed fruits and nutsItaly
131Pomodoro di PachinoFresh and processed vegetable productsItaly
132Radicchio Rosso di TrevisoFresh and processed vegetable productsItaly
133Ricciarelli di SienaConfectionery and baked productsItaly
134Riso Nano Vialone VeroneseCerealsItaly
135Speck Alto AdigeFresh, frozen and processed meatsItaly
136Südtiroler MarkenspeckFresh, frozen and processed meatsItaly
137Südtiroler SpeckFresh, frozen and processed meatsItaly
138Veneto ValpolicellaOils and animal fatsItaly
139Veneto Euganei e BericiOils and animal fatsItaly
140Veneto del GrappaOils and animal fatsItaly
141Culatello di ZibelloFresh, frozen and processed meatsItaly
142GardaFresh, frozen and processed meatsItaly
143Lardo di ColonnataFresh, frozen and processed meatsItaly
144Szegedi téliszalámiFresh, frozen and processed meatsHungary
145Szegedi szalámiFresh, frozen and processed meatsHungary
146Tiroler SpeckFresh, frozen and processed meatsAustria
147Steirischer KrenFresh and processed vegetable productsAustria
148Steirisches KürbiskernölOilseedsAustria
149Queijo S. JorgeCheesesPortugal
150Azeite de MouraOils and animal fatsPortugal
151Azeites de Trás-os-MontesOils and animal fatsPortugal
152Azeite do Alentejo InteriorOils and animal fatsPortugal
153Azeites da Beira InteriorOils and animal fatsPortugal
154Azeites do Norte AlentejanoOils and animal fatsPortugal
155Azeites do RibatejoOils and animal fatsPortugal
156Pêra Rocha do OesteFresh and processed fruits and nutsPortugal
157Ameixa d’ElvasFresh and processed fruits and nutsPortugal
158Ananás dos Açores / S. MiguelFresh and processed fruits and nutsPortugal
159Chouriça de carne de VinhaisFresh, frozen and processed meatsPortugal
160Linguiça de VinhaisFresh, frozen and processed meatsPortugal
161Chouriço de PortalegreFresh, frozen and processed meatsPortugal
162Presunto de BarrancosFresh, frozen and processed meatsPortugal
163Queijo Serra da EstrelaCheesesPortugal
164Queijos da Beira BaixaCheesesPortugal
165Queijo de Castelo BrancoCheesesPortugal
166Queijo Amarelo da Beira BaixaCheesesPortugal
167Queijo Picante da Beira BaixaCheesesPortugal
168Salpicão de VinhaisFresh, frozen and processed meatsPortugal
169Gouda HollandCheesesNetherlands
170Edam HollandCheesesNetherlands
171Kalix LöjromFresh, frozen and processed fish productsSweden
172Magiun de prune TopoloveniFresh and processed fruits and nutsRomania

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