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Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Implementation Act (S.C. 2017, c. 6)

Assented to 2017-05-16

SCHEDULE 5(Paragraphs 108(1)(c) and (e))

Tariff ItemInitial RateFinal Rate
0404.10.9011%Free (W2)
0603.11.0010.5%Free (W1)
0603.13.1016%Free (W1)
0603.13.9012.5%Free (W1)
0603.14.008%Free (W1)
1003.10.1294.5%Free (W2)
1003.90.1294.5%Free (W2)
1107.10.12$157.00/tonneFree (W2)
1107.10.92$160.10/tonneFree (W2)
1107.20.12$141.50/tonneFree (W2)
1108.13.0010.5%Free (W2)
1701.91.90$30.86/tonneFree (W4)
1701.99.90$30.86/tonneFree (W4)
8702.10.106.1%Free (W2)
8702.10.206.1%Free (W2)
8702.20.106.1%Free (W2)
8702.20.206.1%Free (W2)
8702.30.106.1%Free (W2)
8702.30.206.1%Free (W2)
8702.40.106.1%Free (W2)
8702.40.206.1%Free (W2)
8702.90.106.1%Free (W2)
8702.90.206.1%Free (W2)
8703.21.906.1%Free (W2)
8703.22.006.1%Free (W3)
8703.23.006.1%Free (W3)
8703.24.006.1%Free (W3)
8703.31.006.1%Free (W3)
8703.32.006.1%Free (W3)
8703.33.006.1%Free (W3)
8703.40.106.1%Free (W2)
8703.40.906.1%Free (W3)
8703.50.006.1%Free (W3)
8703.60.106.1%Free (W2)
8703.60.906.1%Free (W3)
8703.70.006.1%Free (W3)
8703.80.006.1%Free (W2)
8703.90.006.1%Free (W2)
8704.21.906.1%Free (W1)
8704.22.006.1%Free (W1)
8704.23.006.1%Free (W1)
8704.31.006.1%Free (W1)
8704.32.006.1%Free (W1)
8901.10.1025%Free (W3)
8901.10.9025%Free (W3)
8901.30.0025%Free (W1)
8901.90.1015%Free (W1)
8901.90.9125%Free (W1)
8901.90.9925%Free (W1)
8904.00.0025%Free (W3)
8905.20.1920%Free (W1)
8905.20.2025%Free (W1)
8905.90.1920%Free (W1)
8905.90.9025%Free (W1)
8906.90.1915%Free (W1)
8906.90.9125%Free (W1)
8906.90.9925%Free (W1)

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