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Regulations Prescribing Public Officers (SOR/98-466)

Regulations are current to 2020-10-05 and last amended on 2015-06-23. Previous Versions

Regulations Prescribing Public Officers



Registration 1998-09-16

Regulations Prescribing Public Officers

P.C. 1998-1666  1998-09-16

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Justice, pursuant to paragraph 117.07(2)(g)Footnote a of the Criminal Code, hereby makes the annexed Regulations Prescribing Public Officers.

  •  (1) A member of any of the following classes of persons, if employed in the public service of Canada or by the government of a province or municipality, is a public officer for the purposes of paragraph 117.07(2)(g) of the Criminal Code:

    • (a) employees who are responsible for the examination, inventory, storage, maintenance or transportation of court exhibits and evidence;

    • (b) employees of police forces or other public service agencies who are responsible for the acquisition, examination, inventory, storage, maintenance, issuance or transportation of firearms, prohibited weapons, restricted weapons, prohibited devices, prohibited ammunition or explosive substances;

    • (c) technicians, laboratory analysts and scientists who work at forensic or research laboratories;

    • (d) armourers and firearms instructors who work at police academies or similar institutions designated under subparagraph 117.07(2)(e)(ii) of the Criminal Code, or are employed by a federal or provincial department of natural resources, fisheries, wildlife, conservation or the environment, or by Revenue Canada;

    • (e) park wardens and other employees of a federal or provincial department who are responsible for the enforcement of laws and regulations dealing with natural resources, fisheries, wildlife, conservation or the environment;

    • (f) immigration officers;

    • (g) security personnel employed by the House of Commons or the Senate or by the Service, as defined in section 79.51 of the Parliament of Canada Act; and

    • (h) aircraft pilots employed by the Department of Transport or other public service agencies.

  • (2) For the purposes of subsection (1), the expression public service agencies has the same meaning as in section 1 of the Public Agents Firearms Regulations.

  • SOR/2011-68, s. 1
  • SOR/2015-166, s. 1

Coming into Force

 These Regulations come into force on December 1, 1998.

  • SOR/98-472, s. 5
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