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Taxation Statistical Analyses and Data Processing Services Fees Order (SOR/92-156)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28

SCHEDULE(Section 2)

Statistical Analyses and Data Processing Services

ItemColumn IColumn II
Description of ServiceFee
1Computer analyses and programming services$51.45 per hour
2Use of computer facilities$0.05 per resource unitFootnote for Statistical Analyses and Data Processing Services*
3Customized statistical analyses provided by a member of the Economics, Sociology and Statistics (ES) group
  • (a) ES 05 blank line$62.65 per hour

  • (b) ES 04 blank line$56.65 per hour

  • (c) ES 03 blank line$49.10 per hour

  • (d) ES 02 blank line$41.70 per hour

  • (e) ES 01 blank line$37.05 per hour

4Data conversion services:
  • (a) preparation of work for data conversion

$22.40 per hour
  • (b) routing cards

$23.00 per 1,000 cards
  • (c) data conversion

$11.00 per hour
  • (d) use of terminal

$ 1.00 per hour
5Output services:
  • (a) administrative support services provided by a member of the Administrative Services (AS) or Clerical and Regulatory (CR) group

  • (i) AS 02 blank line$40.95 per hour

  • (ii) CR 04 blank line$30.55 per hour

  • (iii) CR 03 blank line$30.05 per hour

  • (b) printouts

$0.19 per 1,000 lines
  • (c) magnetic tapes

$20.00 each
  • (d) 3480 self-loading cartridges

$5.50 each
  • Return to footnote *A resource unit is a composite measure of CPU-seconds (central processing unit-seconds), memory space, and input or output services, developed by the Department of National Revenue for accounting purposes.


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