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Indian Oil and Gas Regulations (SOR/2019-196)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2019-08-01. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 3(Subsections 1(1) and 52(3))Zones — Intermediate Term

  • Marginal note:Definitions

    1 The following definitions apply in this Schedule.


    ILND means the internal limit of a zone, whether upper or lower, that is not defined. (LIND)


    KB means kelly bushing, which serves as the point on the rotary drilling table from which downhole well log depths are measured. (FE)


    NDE means not deep enough and, in relation to a reference well, means that the well was not drilled to a depth that was sufficient to penetrate the upper or lower limit of a particular zone. (FI)


    NP means not present and, in relation to a zone, means that the zone is not present at the location where the reference well was drilled. (NP)


    TVD means true vertical depth. (PVR)

  • Marginal note:Zones

    • 2 (1) For each of the First Nation lands set out in this Schedule, the lands that may be selected are the zones set out in column 1 of the table that correspond to the well log data set out in column 2 that match the well log data for the well that was drilled or re-entered by the subsurface contract holder.

    • Marginal note:Multiple logs

      (2) If there is more than one set of well log data set out in column 2 for a zone, the set derived from the reference well that is nearest to the earning well must be used to determine the zones.

  • Marginal note:Unidentified zone

    3 If a well is drilled into a zone that is not identified in a table to this Schedule, the Minister must determine the upper and lower limits of the deepest zone penetrated by the well, based on a review of the well log data that relate to other wells in the vicinity and on any well log data that are available and relate to lands in the vicinity.

Alexander 134

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Electric Log (ft. KB)Induction Log (mKB)Density Log (mKB)
1Edmonton, Belly River and Lea ParkSurface to 615.0
2Wapiabi and Second White Specks615.0 to 939.0
3Viking3090 to 3250939.0 to 989.0934.5 to 979.5
4Joli Fou3250 to 3293989.0 to 997.0979.5 to 992.0
5Mannville, including Upper Mannville, Glauconite, Ostracod, Basal Quartz “A” and Lower Basal Quartz3293 to 4112997.0 to NDE992.0 to 1218.0
6Wabamun4112 to NDENDE1218.0 to 1384.5
7CalmarNDENDE1384.5 to 1393.5
8NiskuNDENDE1393.5 to NDE
10Cooking LakeNDENDENDE

Alexander 134A

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB TVD)Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1Edmonton, Belly River and Lea ParkSurface to 1147.7
2Wapiabi, Cardium and Second White Specks1147.7 to 1663.7
3Viking and Joli Fou1663.7 to 1688.3
4Mannville1688.3 to 1948.1
5Fernie and Nordegg1948.1 to 2024.3
6Montney2024.3 to 2048.3
7Belloy2048.3 to 2064.5
8Shunda2064.5 to 2124.4
9Pekisko2124.4 to 2170.0
10Banff and Exshaw2170.0 to NDE2472.0 to 2668.0
11Wabamun2668.0 to 2893.0
12Graminia and Blue Ridge2893.0 to 2946.0
13Nisku2946.0 to 3100.0
14Ireton3100.0 to 3273.0
15Duvernay3273.0 to 3334.8
16Cooking Lake and Beaverhill Lake3334.8 to 3385.0
17Swan Hills3385.0 to 3422.0
18Watt Mountain3422.0 to NDE

Alexis 133

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Acoustic Log (mKB)
1Edmonton, Belly River and Lea ParkSurface to 760.0
2Wapiabi and Second White Specks760.0 to 1125.0
3Viking and Joli Fou1125.0 to 1170.0
4Mannville1170.0 to 1328.5
5Banff and Exshaw1328.5 to 1480.5
6Wabamun1480.5 to 1661.0
7Winterburn1661.0 to 1707.5
8Ireton1707.5 to NDE

Alexis Whitecourt 232

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Acoustic Log (mKB)
1Edmonton, Belly River and Lea ParkSurface to 936.5
2Wapiabi and Second White Specks936.5 to 1381.3
3Viking and Joli Fou1381.3 to 1415.0
4Mannville1415.0 to 1655.0
5Nordegg1655.0 to 1691.0
6Shunda and Pekisko1691.0 to 1737.0
7Banff and Exshaw1737.0 to 1920.5
8Wabamun1920.5 to 2137.0
9Winterburn2137.0 to 2234.0
10Ireton and Duvernay2234.0 to 2575.5
11Swan Hills2575.5 to 2711.0
12Watt Mountain2711.0 to NDE

Amber River 211, Hay Lake 209 and Zama Lake 210

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Amber RiverHay LakeHay LakeZama Lake
Sonic Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)Density Log (ft. KB)Induction Log (mKB)
1WilrichSurface to 249.0Surface to 242.0Surface to 279.0
2Bluesky and Gething249.0 to 261.0242.0 to 261.5279.0 to 296.0
3Banff261.0 to 344.0261.5 to 318.7296.0 to 441.0
4Wabamun344.0 to 548.0318.7 to NDEILND to 1712441.0 to 633.0
5Trout River, Kakisa, Redknife and Jean Marie548.0 to 710.01712 to 2220633.0 to 797.0
6Fort Simpson710.0 to 1232.72220 to 3842797.0 to 1305.5
7Muskwa and Waterways1232.7 to 1310.73842 to 41921305.5 to 1394.0
8Slave Point1310.7 to 1387.04192 to 43961394.0 to 1478.0
9Watt Mountain and Sulphur Point1387.0 to 1422.04396 to 45251478.0 to 1524.0
10Muskeg and Keg River1422.0 to 1680.04525 to 54681524.0 to 1780.0
11Chinchaga1680.0 to NDE5468 to NDE1780.0 to NDE

Beaver 152

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1ShaftesburySurface to 508.0
2Paddy, Cadotte and Harmon508.0 to 580.0
3Notikewin and Falher580.0 to 920.0
4Bluesky and Gething920.0 to 996.0
5Fernie and Nordegg996.0 to 1085.0
6Montney1085.0 to 1307.8
7Belloy1307.8 to 1358.0
8Taylor Flat1358.0 to 1395.0
9Kiskatinaw1395.0 to 1406.0
10Golata1406.0 to 1435.0
11Debolt1435.0 to NDE

Beaver Lake 131

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Induction Log (mKB)Induction Log (mKB)Sonic Log (mKB)
1Colorado ShaleSurface to 294.5Surface to 308.0
2Viking and Joli Fou294.5 to 335.0308.0 to 348.3
3Mannville335.0 to NDE348.3 to 542.0318.0 to 486.0
4GrosmontNDE542.0 to NDE486.0 to 542.0

Big Island Lake Cree Territory

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1Second White Specks138.3 to 192.0
2St. Walburg and VikingILND to 286.0192.0 to 272.4
3Mannville286.0 to NDE272.4 to 502.0
4Souris River502.0 to NDE

Birdtail Creek 57

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)Sonic Log (ft. KB)
1Second White Specks244.0 to 369.0800 to 1200
2Swan River (Mannville)369.0 to 408.51200 to 1340
3Jurassic408.5 to 479.01340 to 1554
4Lodgepole479.0 to 538.31554 to 1734
5Bakken538.3 to 540.31734 to 1742
6Torquay540.3 to 570.31742 to NDE
7Birdbear570.3 to NDENDE

Blood 148

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1Belly River and PakowkiSurface to 1177.0Surface to 859.8Surface to 662.0
2Milk River1177.0 to 1278.3859.8 to 975.3662.0 to 783.0
3Colorado Shale1278.3 to 1629.0975.3 to 1289.5783.0 to 1086.5
4Second White Specks and Barons1629.0 to 1761.01289.5 to 1385.51086.5 to 1186.0
5Bow Island1761.0 to 1883.01385.5 to 1529.31186.0 to 1333.0
6Mannville1883.0 to 2090.01529.3 to 1727.51333.0 to NDE
7Rierdon2090.0 to 2187.51727.5 to 1807.8NDE
8LivingstoneFootnote for Blood 148a2187.5 to 2435.51807.8 to 1994.3NDE
9Banff and ExshawFootnote for Blood 148b2435.5 to 2550.01994.3 to 2157.5NDE
10Big Valley and Stettler2550.0 to 2720.52157.5 to 2309.0NDE
11Winterburn2720.5 to NDE2309.0 to NDENDE

Buck Lake 133C

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Induction Log (ft. KB)
1Belly River and Lea ParkSurface to 4650
2Wapiabi4650 to 5167
3Cardium and Blackstone5167 to 5590
4Second White Specks5590 to 6173
5Viking and Joli Fou6173 to 6316
6Mannville6316 to 6855
7Nordegg6855 to 6922
8Pekisko6922 to 6982
9Banff6982 to NDE

Carry The Kettle Nakoda First Nation 76-33

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Induction Log (mKB)
1Lea ParkSurface to 219.0
2Milk River219.0 to 397.6
3Colorado397.6 to NDE

Cold Lake 149, 149A and 149B

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Cold Lake 149Cold Lake 149A and 149B
Induction Log (mKB)Induction Log (mKB)
1Viking and Joli Fou265.0 to 304.0
2Mannville304.0 to 495.3305.0 to NDE
3Beaverhill Lake495.3 to NDENDE

Drift Pile River 150

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)Density Log (mKB)
1Second White Specks219.5 to 310.0
2Shaftesbury310.0 to 418.0222.5 to 420.5
3Peace River and Harmon418.0 to 450.4420.5 to 451.3
4Spirit River450.4 to 707.5451.3 to 739.0
5Bluesky and Gething707.5 to 764.0739.0 to 788.0
6Shunda764.0 to 830.0788.0 to 799.0
7Pekisko830.0 to NDE799.0 to 856.0
8BanffNDE856.0 to 1081.5
9WabamunNDE1081.5 to 1350.0
10WinterburnNDE1350.0 to 1483.0
11IretonNDE1483.0 to 1680.0
12LeducNDE1680.0 to 1805.0
13Beaverhill LakeNDE1805.0 to 1926.5
14Slave Point and Fort VermilionNDE1926.5 to 1960.5
15Watt Mountain and GilwoodNDE1960.5 to 1973.0
16MuskegNDE1973.0 to NDE

Enoch Cree Nation 135

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Induction Log (mKB)
1Edmonton, Belly River and Lea ParkSurface to 691.0
2Wapiabi and Second White Specks691.0 to 1029.0
3Viking and Joli Fou1029.0 to 1076.0
4Mannville1076.0 to 1332.0
5Wabamun1332.0 to 1421.0
6Graminia, Calmar and Nisku1421.0 to 1502.0
7Ireton, Leduc and Cooking Lake1502.0 to NDE

Halfway River 168

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Sonic Log (mKB TVD)
1WilrichSurface to 710.0
2Bluesky and Gething710.0 to 840.5
3Cadomin840.5 to 889.0
4Nikanassin889.0 to 994.0
5Fernie and Nordegg994.0 to 1112.0
6Pardonet and Baldonnel1112.0 to 1150.0
7Charlie Lake1150.0 to 1466.5
8Halfway1466.5 to 1517.0
9Doig1517.0 to 1651.5
10Montney1651.5 to 1960.0
11Belloy1960.0 to NDE

Heart Lake 167

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Induction Log (mKB)
1Viking and Joli Fou268.0 to 306.0
2Mannville306.0 to 502.0
3Woodbend502.0 to NDE

Horse Lakes 152B

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Sonic Log (mKB)
1Puskwaskau, Badheart, Cardium and KaskapauSurface to 928.0
2Doe Creek928.0 to 976.0
3Dunvegan976.0 to 1140.0
4Shaftesbury1140.0 to 1468.0
5Paddy1468.0 to 1496.0
6Cadotte and Harmon1496.0 to 1553.0
7Notikewin1553.0 to 1625.0
8Falher and Wilrich1625.0 to 1879.0
9Bluesky and Gething1879.0 to 2021.5
10Cadomin2021.5 to 2050.5
11Nikanassin2050.5 to 2157.5
12Fernie2157.5 to 2248.0
13Nordegg2248.0 to 2275.0
14Charlie Lake2275.0 to 2477.5
15Halfway2477.5 to 2504.0
16Doig2504.0 to 2553.0
17Montney2553.0 to NDE

Kehewin 123

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
00/7-10-59-6W400/10-9-59-6W4Footnote for Kehewin 123a
Induction Log (ft. KB)Induction Log (mKB)
1Viking and Joli Fou1053 to 1189
2Mannville1189 to 1858359.0 to NDE
3Woodbend1858 to NDENDE

Little Pine 116 and Poundmaker 114

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
21/6-7-46-21W321/15-29-44-23W3Footnote for Little Pine 116 and Poundmaker 114a11/2-33-44-24W3
Induction Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1Second White Specks458.3 to 543.0
2Viking and Joli Fou543.0 to 585.0
3Mannville437.5 to 601.0532.0 to ILND585.0 to 736.5
4Duperow601.0 to NDE736.5 to NDE

Loon Lake 235 and Swampy Lake 236

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1Clearwater315.0 to 373.0
2Banff373.0 to 494.0
3Wabamun494.0 to 777.0
4Winterburn777.0 to 963.0
5Ireton963.0 to 1233.0
6Beaverhill Lake1233.0 to 1343.7
7Slave Point and Fort Vermilion1343.7 to 1377.5
8Watt Mountain1377.5 to 1382.7
9Muskeg1382.7 to 1452.0
10Granite Wash1452.0 to 1487.0
11Precambrian1487.0 to NDE

Makaoo 120, Onion Lake 119-1 and 119-2 and Seekaskootch 119

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB TVD)Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1Second White SpecksSurface to 322.0346.0 to 428.0
2St. Walburg/La BicheILND to 433.5322.0 to 365.0428.0 to 478.8
3Viking433.5 to 474.4365.0 to 402.0478.8 to 515.4
4Mannville474.4 to 648.0402.0 to 536.0515.4 to ILND
5Duperow648.0 to NDE536.0 to NDE

Ministikwan 161 and Makwa Lake 129

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1Second White Specks, St. Walburg and Viking219.0 to 346.5254.6 to 387.6
2Mannville346.5 to NDE387.6 to 627.0
3DuperowNDE627.0 to NDE

Nekaneet Cree Nation

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1Belly RiverSurface to 625.4
2Lea Park and Ribstone Creek625.4 to 807.0
3Milk River807.0 to 946.3
4Medicine Hat946.3 to 1107.0
5Second White Specks1107.0 to 1272.0
6Viking and Joli Fou1272.0 to 1390.3
7Mannville1390.3 to 1479.3
8Vanguard1479.3 to 1523.0
9Shaunavon and Gravelbourg1523.0 to 1574.5
10Mission Canyon1574.5 to NDE

Ocean Man 69, 69A, 69B, 69C, 69D, 69E, 69F, 69G, 69H and 69I, Ocean Man Indian Reserve No. 69X, Ocean Man No. 69N, Ocean Man No. 69S, Ocean Man No. 69U and Flying Dust First Nation 105H, 105I, 105L and 105O

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)Sonic Log (mKB)
1GravelbourgILND to 1102.0
2Watrous1102.0 to 1184.4
3Alida and Tilston1184.4 to NDE
4Souris ValleyILND to 1433.5NDE
5Bakken1433.5 to 1451.0NDE
6Torquay1451.0 to NDENDE

Pigeon Lake 138AFootnote a

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Gamma Ray-neutron Log (ft. KB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)Electric Log (ft. KB)Electric Log (ft. KB)
1Edmonton, Belly River and Lea ParkSurface to 1036.0
2Wapiabi1036.0 to 1197.0
3Cardium and Blackstone1197.0 to 1281.33850 to 4020Footnote for Pigeon Lake 138Ab
4Second White Specks1281.3 to 1423.7
5Viking and Joli Fou1423.7 to 1472.0
6Upper Mannville1472.0 to 1610.3
7Lower Mannville1610.3 to NDE
8Wabamun5591 to 6295
9Calmar and Nisku6295 to 6492
10Ireton6492 to 6670
11Leduc6670 to NDE6434 to 7210Footnote for Pigeon Lake 138Ac
  • Return to footnote aThe First Nation lands are located at the Banff subcrop limit. Any Banff and Exshaw zone remnants will be earned with the Lower Mannville zone

  • Return to footnote bBonnie Glen Cardium Unit No. 1: definition of unitized zone

  • Return to footnote cBonnie Glen D-3A Gas Cap Unit: definition of unitized zone

Puskiakiwenin 122 and Unipouheos 121

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
00/11-21-56-3W400/6-16-57-3W4Footnote for Puskiakiwenin 122 and Unipouheos 121a00/12-26-57-4W4Footnote for Puskiakiwenin 122 and Unipouheos 121a00/8-16-58-3W4
Induction Log (mKB)Induction Log (mKB)Induction Log (mKB TVD)Induction Log (mKB)
1Viking and Joli Fou371.0 to 411.5
2Mannville411.5 to 546.5409.5 to NDE416.5 to NDE403.0 to 575.0
3Woodbend546.5 to NDENDENDE575.0 to NDE

Red Pheasant 108

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1Second White Specks160.8 to 239.7176.0 to 253.0
2St. Walburg239.7 to 279.0253.0 to 300.0
3Viking279.0 to 324.0300.0 to 339.5
4Mannville292.3 to ILND324.0 to 586.0339.5 to 576.0
5Souris River586.0 to NDE576.0 to NDE

Saddle Lake 125

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
00/11-32-57-11W402/6-29-57-13W4Footnote for Saddle Lake 125a
Induction Log (ft. KB)Induction Log (mKB)
1Second White Specks393.0 to 491.0
2Viking and Joli Fou1412 to 1542491.0 to 528.3
3Mannville1542 to 2132528.3 to 710.7
4Ireton2132 to NDE710.7 to 872.3
5Cooking LakeNDE872.3 to 934.0
6Beaverhill LakeNDE934.0 to NDE

Samson 137 and 137A, Louis Bull 138B, Ermineskin 138 and Montana 139

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB TVD)Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (ft. KB)
1Edmonton, Belly River and Lea ParkSurface to 831.0Surface to 944.0Surface to 925.0Surface to 2707
2Wapiabi831.0 to 1067.0944.0 to 1183.3925.0 to 1166.02707 to 3466
3Second White Specks1067.0 to 1199.01183.3 to 1311.01166.0 to 1295.33466 to 3866
4Viking and Joli Fou1199.0 to 1251.51311.0 to 1363.61295.3 to 1350.73866 to 4040
5Mannville1251.5 to 1439.31363.6 to 1558.21350.7 to 1530.04040 to 4815
6Banff1439.3 to 1451.0NP1530.0 to 1543.0NP
7Wabamun1451.0 to 1613.71558.2 to 1772.61543.0 to 1763.04815 to NDE
8Calmar and Nisku1613.7 to 1665.51772.6 to NDE1763.0 to 1818.3NDE
9Ireton1665.5 to 1904.0NDE1818.3 to NDENDE
10Cooking Lake1904.0 to NDENDENDENDE

Sawridge 150G

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
00/2-6-73-5W500/4-19-71-4W5Footnote for Sawridge 150Ga
Sonic Log (ft. KB)Induction Log (ft. KB)
1ColoradoSurface to 1248
2Viking1248 to 1334
3Mannville1334 to 2240
4Banff and Exshaw2240 to 2440
5Wabamun2440 to 3336
6Winterburn3336 to 3647
7Ireton3647 to 4888
8Waterways4888 to 5450
9Slave Point5450 to 5496
10Watt Mountain5496 to 5578
11Gilwood5578 to 58606112 to 6146Footnote for Sawridge 150Ga
12Muskeg5860 to 5920
13Keg River5920 to 6321
14Lower Elk Point6321 to NDE

Sharphead 141

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Induction Log (mKB)Sonic Log (mKB)
1Horseshoe CanyonSurface to 552.0
2Belly River and Lea Park552.0 to 1016.0
3Wapiabi, Cardium and Blackstone1016.0 to 1270.0
4Second White SpecksILND to 1384.51270.0 to 1405.0
5Viking and Joli Fou1384.5 to 1436.01405.0 to NDE
6Mannville1436.0 to 1625.0NDE
7Banff and Exshaw1625.0 to 1652.5NDE
8Wabamun1652.5 to NDENDE

Siksika 146

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Sonic Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)Sonic Log (mKB)
1Edmonton, Belly River and PakowkiSurface to 854.5Surface to 810.0Surface to 593.0Surface to 630.0Surface to 656.0
2Milk River854.5 to 937.5810.0 to 892.0593.0 to 686.0630.0 to 722.5656.0 to 738.5
3Upper Colorado, including Medicine Hat937.5 to 1242.0892.0 to 1200.0686.0 to 977.5722.5 to 1018.6738.5 to 1026.6
4Second White Specks1242.0 to 1370.71200.0 to 1330.0977.5 to 1095.41018.6 to 1144.01026.6 to 1147.7
5Viking1370.7 to 1475.01330.0 to 1441.51095.4 to 1203.71144.0 to 1248.51147.7 to 1250.0
6Mannville1475.0 to 1647.01441.5 to 1595.51203.7 to 1350.01248.5 to 1431.31250.0 to 1413.7
7Pekisko1647.0 to 1752.01595.5 to NDE1350.0 to NDE1431.3 to 1477.31413.7 to 1476.3
8Banff and Exshaw1752.0 to 1896.0NDENDE1477.3 to 1617.01476.3 to 1630.0
9Wabamun1896.0 to 2065.7NDENDE1617.0 to 1753.01630.0 to 1755.0
10Calmar and Nisku2065.7 to 2096.0NDENDE1753.0 to 1796.51755.0 to 1793.7
11Ireton and Leduc2096.0 to 2312.0NDENDE1796.5 to NDE1793.7 to NDE
12Cooking Lake2312.0 to 2365.0NDENDENDENDE
13Beaverhill Lake2365.0 to 2514.5NDENDENDENDE
14Elk Point2514.5 to NDENDENDENDENDE

Stoney 142-143-144 and Tsuut’ina Nation 145

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
00/8-13-27-3W500/2-33-25-6W5Footnote for Stoney 142-143-144 and Tsuut’ina Nation 145a00/10-34-24-6W5(5-34)Footnote for Stoney 142-143-144 and Tsuut’ina Nation 145b00/5-24-27-6W5Footnote for Stoney 142-143-144 and Tsuut’ina Nation 145c
Induction Log (mKB)Neutron Log (ft. KB)Sonic Log (ft. KB)Sonic Log (ft. KB)
1Belly RiverSurface to 1743.0
2Wapiabi1743.0 to 2121.0
3Cardium and Blackstone2121.0 to 2418.0
4Viking and Joli Fou2418.0 to 2498.0
5BlairmoreFootnote for Stoney 142-143-144 and Tsuut’ina Nation 145d2498.0 to 2729.0
6Mount HeadNP
7Turner Valley2729.0 to 2775.011,154 to 11,485Footnote for Stoney 142-143-144 and Tsuut’ina Nation 145a11,920 to 12,280Footnote for Stoney 142-143-144 and Tsuut’ina Nation 145b9978 to 10,198Footnote for Stoney 142-143-144 and Tsuut’ina Nation 145c
8Shunda2775.0 to 2828.0
9Pekisko2828.0 to 2929.0
10Banff and Exshaw2929.0 to 3079.0
11Wabamun3079.0 to 3318.0
12Winterburn3318.0 to 3356.0
13Ireton3356.0 to 3368.0
14Leduc3368.0 to 3599.0
15Cooking Lake3599.0 to NDE

Sturgeon Lake 154

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Sonic Log (ft. KB)Sonic Log (ft. KB)
1Wapiabi, Badheart and KaskapauSurface to 2721Surface to 2605
2Dunvegan and Shaftesbury2721 to 34672605 to 3327
3Peace River and Harmon3467 to 36233327 to 3482
4Spirit River3623 to 45733482 to 4440
5Bluesky and Gething4573 to 48054440 to 4586
6Cadomin4805 to 48904586 to 4658
7Fernie and Nordegg4890 to 50924658 to 4949
8Montney5092 to 54594949 to 5288
9Belloy5459 to 55905288 to 5373
10Debolt5590 to 61865373 to 5997
11Shunda6186 to 64735997 to 6290
12Pekisko6473 to 66746290 to 6486
13Banff and Exshaw6674 to 73976486 to 7228
14Wabamun7397 to 81847228 to 8021
15Winterburn8184 to 84968021 to 8422
16Ireton and Leduc8496 to NDE8422 to 9316
17Beaverhill LakeNDE9316 to 9610
18Slave PointNDE9610 to 9660
19Gilwood and Granite WashNDE9660 to 9730
20PrecambrianNDE9730 to NDE

Sucker Creek 150A

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ZoneWell Log Data
Sonic Log (mKB)
1ShaftesburySurface to 428
2Paddy, Cadotte and Harmon428 to 463
3Spirit River463 to 737
4Bluesky and Gething737 to 768
5Debolt768 to 863
6Shunda863 to 976
7Pekisko976 to 1031
8Banff1031 to 1265
9Wabamun1265 to 1535
10Winterburn1535 to 1657
11Woodbend1657 to 1956
12Beaverhill Lake and Slave Point1956 to 2084
13Gilwood and Watt Mountain2084 to 2113
14Granite Wash2113 to 2152
15Precambrian2152 to NDE

Sunchild 202 and O’Chiese 203

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ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1Edmonton and Belly RiverSurface to 1765.0Surface to 1742.0Surface to 1700.0
2Upper Colorado1765.0 to 2120.01742.0 to 2126.01700.0 to 2062.0
3Cardium2120.0 to 2186.02126.0 to 2197.72062.0 to 2134.7
4Lower Colorado2186.0 to 2522.52197.7 to 2499.02134.7 to 2451.9
5Viking2522.5 to 2550.02499.0 to 2526.02451.9 to 2478.6
6Upper Mannville2550.0 to 2720.02526.0 to 2678.02478.6 to 2627.0
7Lower Mannville2720.0 to 2791.42678.0 to 2757.02627.0 to 2702.5
8Fernie, Rock Creek and Poker Chip2791.4 to 2833.02757.0 to 2794.82702.5 to 2741.8
9Nordegg2833.0 to 2861.02794.8 to 2824.02741.8 to 2771.0
10Shunda2861.0 to 2892.22824.0 to 2854.82771.0 to 2804.2
11Pekisko2892.2 to 2926.02854.8 to 2905.02804.2 to 2839.0
12Banff and Exshaw2926.0 to NDE2905.0 to NDE2839.0 to 3021.3
13WabamunNDENDE3021.3 to NDE

Thunderchild 115K and Thunderchild First Nation 115B, 115C, 115D, 115E, 115F, 115G, 115H, 115I, 115J, 115L, 115M, 115N, 115Q, 115R, 115S, 115T, 115U, 115V, 115W, 115X and 115Z

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ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron-density Log (mKB TVD)Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1St. Walburg and Viking231.6 to 320.8
2Mannville320.8 to NDE454.0 to 672.0
3DevonianNDE672.0 to NDE

Utikoomak Lake 155

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ZoneWell Log Data
Sonic Log (mKB)Electric Log (ft. KB)Electric Log (ft. KB)
1Peace River and Spirit River315.5 to 558.7
2Shunda and Pekisko558.7 to 607.0
3Banff and Exshaw607.0 to 884.0
4Wabamun884.0 to 1125.0
5Winterburn1125.0 to 1267.0
6Ireton1267.0 to 1568.0
7Beaverhill Lake1568.0 to 1686.0
8Slave Point and Fort Vermilion1686.0 to 1718.0
9Watt Mountain and Gilwood1718.0 to 1724.05552 to 5576Footnote for Utikoomak Lake 155a5689 to 5771Footnote for Utikoomak Lake 155b
10Muskeg, Keg River and Granite Wash1724.0 to 1755.0
11Precambrian1755.0 to NDE

Wabamun 133A

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Sonic Log (mKB)
1Belly RiverSurface to 710.0
2Lea Park710.0 to 865.0
3Wapiabi865.0 to 1016.0
4Cardium and Lower Colorado1016.0 to 1245.0
5Viking and Joli Fou1245.0 to 1295.5
6Mannville1295.5 to 1474.0
7Banff and Exshaw1474.0 to 1631.0
8Wabamun1631.0 to 1790.0
9Graminia, Blue Ridge, Calmar and Nisku1790.0 to 1877.0
10Ireton1877.0 to NDE

Wabasca 166, 166A, 166B, 166C and 166D

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ZoneWell Log Data
Induction Log (ft. KB)
1Pelican and Joli Fou720 to 824
2Mannville824 to 1608
3Wabamun1608 to 1677
4Winterburn1677 to NDE

White Bear 70

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ZoneWell Log Data
Neutron Log (ft. KB)
1Viking2670 to 2843
2Mannville2843 to 3200
3Gravelbourg and Watrous3200 to 3902
4Tilston and Souris Valley3902 to 4380
5Bakken4380 to 4420
6Torquay4420 to 4590
7Birdbear4590 to 4690
8Duperow4690 to 5214
9Souris River5214 to 5593
10Dawson Bay5593 to 5780
11Prairie Evaporite5780 to NDE

White Fish Lake 128

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
00/14-11-62-13W4Footnote for White Fish Lake 128a00/10-16-62-12W4Footnote for White Fish Lake 128b
Induction Log (mKB)Induction Log (mKB)
1Viking and Joli Fou347.6 to 386.0347.0 to 383.5
2Mannville386.0 to NDE383.5 to 539.5
3Woodbend539.5 to NDE

Woodland Cree 226, 227 and 228

ItemColumn 1Column 2
ZoneWell Log Data
Sonic Log (mKB)Sonic Log (mKB)Neutron-density Log (mKB)
1BullheadSurface to 494.0Surface to 475.0Surface to 498.0
2Debolt, Shunda and Pekisko494.0 to 753.0475.0 to 518.5498.0 to 504.0Footnote for Woodland Cree 226, 227 and 228a
3Banff and Exshaw753.0 to 1051.0518.5 to 823.0
4Wabamun1051.0 to 1312.0823.0 to 1078.0
5Winterburn1312.0 to 1397.01078.0 to 1205.5
6Ireton1397.0 to 1662.01205.5 to 1509.0
7Beaverhill Lake1662.0 to 1700.01509.0 to 1566.0
8Slave Point1700.0 to NDE1566.0 to 1613.5
9Granite Wash1613.5 to 1614.0
10Precambrian1614.0 to NDE

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