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Canada–Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations (SOR/2016-19)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01 and last amended on 2016-02-27. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 1(Subsections 2(1) and 3(1))Violations


Canada–Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Accord Implementation Act

Column 1Column 2
1137Type B
2139.1(3)Type B
3139.2(2)Type B
4139.2(5)Type B
5161(1)Type B
6161(2)Type B
7161(3)Type B
8163(1.1)Type B
9163(3)Type B
10171(1)Type B
11172(1)Type B
12181Type B
13191Type B
14193(9)Type B
15193.2(1)Type B
16194(1)(d)Type B


Newfoundland Offshore Area Oil and Gas Operations Regulations

Column 1Column 2
14Type B
25Type B
36Type B


Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Installations Regulations

Column 1Column 2
13(a)Type B
23(b)Type B
33(c)Type B
44(1)Type B
55(1)Type B
66Type B
77Type B
88(2)Type B
98(3)Type B
108(4)Type B
118(5)Type B
128(6)Type B
138(7)(a)Type B
148(7)(b)Type B
158(8)Type B
169(1)Type B
179(6)Type B
1810(1)Type B
1910(2)Type B
2010(3)Type B
2110(4)Type B
2210(5)Type B
2310(6)Type B
2410(7)Type B
2510(8)Type B
2610(9)Type B
2710(10)Type B
2810(11)Type B
2911(1)Type B
3011(2)Type B
3111(3)Type B
3211(4)Type B
3311(5)Type B
3412(1)Type B
3512(2)Type B
3612(3)Type B
3712(4)Type B
3812(5)Type B
3912(6)Type B
4012(7)Type B
4113(1)Type B
4213(2)Type B
4313(3)Type B
4413(4)Type B
4513(5)Type B
4613(6)Type B
4713(7)Type B
4813(8)Type B
4913(9)Type B
5013(10)Type B
5113(11)Type B
5213(12)Type B
5313(13)Type B
5413(14)Type B
5514(1)(a)Type B
5614(1)(b)Type B
5714(1)(c)Type B
5814(1)(d)Type B
5914(1)(e)Type B
6014(1)(f)Type B
6114(1)(g)Type B
6214(2)Type B
6314(3)Type B
6414(4)Type B
6515(1)Type B
6615(2)Type B
6716Type B
6817(2)Type B
6917(3)Type B
7017(4)Type B
7117(9)Type B
7218(1)Type B
7318(2)Type B
7418(4)Type B
7518(8)Type B
7618(9)Type B
7718(10)Type B
7818(11)Type B
7918(12)Type B
8018(13)Type B
8119(a)Type B
8219(b)Type B
8319(c)Type B
8419(d)Type B
8519(e)Type B
8619(f)Type B
8719(g)Type B
8819(h)Type B
8919(i)Type B
9019(j)Type B
9119(k)Type B
9221Type B
9322(1)(a)Type B
9422(1)(b)Type B
9522(1)(c)Type B
9622(1)(d)Type B
9722(1)(e)Type B
9822(1)(f)Type B
9922(2)Type B
10022(3)Type B
10122(4)Type B
10222(5)Type B
10322(6)Type B
10423(2)(a)Type B
10523(2)(b)Type B
10623(2)(c)Type B
10723(2)(d)Type B
10823(2)(e)Type B
10923(2)(f)Type B
11023(2)(g)Type B
11123(2)(h)Type B
11223(2)(i)Type B
11323(2)(j)Type B
11423(2)(k)Type B
11523(2)(l)Type B
11623(2)(m)Type B
11723(2)(n)Type B
11823(2)(o)Type B
11923(2)(p)Type B
12023(2)(q)Type B
12123(2)(r)Type B
12223(2)(s)Type B
12323(2)(t)Type B
12423(2)(u)Type B
12523(4)Type B
12623(5)Type B
12724(1)Type B
12824(2)Type B
12924(3)Type B
13024(4)Type B
13125(2)Type B
13225(3)Type B
13325(4)Type B
13425(5)Type B
13525(6)Type B
13626(2)Type B
13726(3)Type B
13826(4)Type B
13926(5)Type B
14027(1)Type B
14127(2)Type B
14227(3)Type B
14327(4)Type B
14427(5)Type B
14527(6)Type B
14627(7)Type B
14727(8)Type B
14827(9)Type B
14927(10)Type B
15027(11)Type B
15128(1)Type B
15228(2)Type B
15328(3)Type B
15428(4)Type B
15528(5)Type B
15628(6)Type B
15728(7)Type B
15828(8)Type B
15928(9)Type B
16028(10)Type B
16128(11)Type B
16229(1)Type B
16329(2)Type B
16429(3)Type B
16529(4)Type B
16629(5)Type B
16729(6)Type B
16829(7)Type B
16929(8)Type B
17029(9)Type B
17130(1)Type B
17230(2)Type B
17330(3)Type B
17430(4)Type B
17531(1)Type B
17631(2)Type B
17731(3)Type B
17831(4)Type B
17932(1)Type B
18032(2)Type B
18132(3)Type B
18232(4)Type B
18332(5)Type B
18433(2)(c)Type B
18534(1)Type B
18634(2)Type B
18734(3)Type B
18835(1)Type B
18935(2)Type B
19035(3)Type B
19135(4)Type B
19235(5)Type B
19336(1)Type B
19436(2)Type B
19536(3)Type B
19636(4)Type B
19736(5)Type B
19836(6)Type B
19936(7)Type B
20043(8)Type B
20148(3)Type B
20249(1)Type B
20349(2)Type B
20449(3)Type B
20549(4)Type B
20649(5)Type B
20749(6)Type B
20851Type B
20956(2)Type B
21056(4)Type B
21156(5)Type B
21256(7)Type B
21356(8)Type B
21456(9)Type B
21557(1)Type B
21657(2)Type B
21757(3)Type B
21857(4)Type B
21957(5)Type B
22057(6)Type B
22157(7)Type B
22257(8)Type B
22357(9)Type B
22457(10)Type B
22557(11)Type B
22657(12)Type B
22758(1)Type B
22858(2)Type B
22958(3)Type B
23058(4)Type B
23158(5)Type B
23258(6)Type B
23358(7)Type B
23458(8)Type B
23558(9)Type B
23658(10)Type B
23758(11)Type B
23858(12)Type B
23958(13)Type B
24058(14)Type B
24159(1)Type B
24259(13)Type B
24360(1)Type B
24460(2)Type B
24561(7)Type B
24661(17)Type B
24761(18)Type B
24862(2)Type B
24962(3)Type B
25062(4)Type B
25163(1)Type B
25263(2)Type B
25365Type B
25466Type B
25567(1)Type B
25667(3)Type B
25767(4)Type B
25868Type B
25969Type A
26070(1)Type B
26170(2)Type B
26270(3)Type B


Newfoundland Offshore Area Petroleum Geophysical Operations Regulations

Column 1Column 2
16Type B
27Type A
38Type B
49Type B
510(a)Type B
610(b)Type B
710(c)Type B
811(a)Type B
911(b)Type B
1011(c)Type B
1111(d)Type B
1211(e)Type B
1311(f)Type B
1412(1)Type B
1512(2)(a)Type B
1612(2)(b)Type B
1712(2)(c)Type B
1812(2)(d)Type B
1912(2)(e)Type B
2012(2)(f)Type B
2112(3)Type B
2212(4)Type B
2313(a)Type B
2413(b)Type B
2513(c)Type B
2613(d)Type B
2713(e)Type B
2813(f)Type B
2913(g)Type B
3014(a)Type B
3114(b)Type B
3214(c)Type B
3315(a)Type B
3415(b)Type B
3516Type B
3617Type B
3718(a)Type B
3818(b)Type B
3918(c)Type B
4018(d)Type B
4119Type B
4220(1)Type B
4320(2)Type B
4421(1)Type B
4522(1)(a)Type B
4622(1)(b)Type B
4722(1)(c)Type B
4822(1)(d)Type B
4922(3)Type B
5023Type A
5124Type A
5225(1)Type A
5325(2)Type A
5425(4)Type A
5525(5)Type A
5625(6)Type A
5725(7)Type A
5825(8)Type A
5925(9)Type A
6026(1)(a)Type A
6126(1)(b)Type A
6226(1)(c)Type A
6326(1)(d)Type A
6426(1)(e)Type A
6526(1)(f)Type A
6626(2)Type B
6726(4)Type B
6826(7)Type B
6927Type B


Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Drilling and Production Regulations

Column 1Column 2
110(1)Type B
217(1)Type B
317(2)Type B
418Type B
519(a)Type B
619(b)Type B
719(c)Type B
819(d)Type B
919(e)Type B
1019(f)Type B
1119(g)Type B
1219(h)Type B
1319(i)Type B
1419(j)Type B
1519(k)Type B
1619(l)Type B
1719(m)Type B
1820(1)Type B
1920(2)Type B
2021(1)Type B
2121(2)Type B
2222(a)Type B
2322(b)Type B
2423Type B
2524(1)Type B
2624(2)Type B
2725(a)Type B
2825(b)Type B
2925(c)Type B
3026(a)Type B
3126(b)Type B
3227(1)Type B
3327(2)Type B
3428(a)Type B
3528(b)Type B
3629(1)Type B
3729(2)Type B
3830Type B
3931Type B
4032(a)Type B
4132(b)Type B
4233(a)Type B
4333(b)Type B
4433(c)Type B
4534(1)(a)Type B
4634(1)(b)Type B
4734(1)(c)Type B
4834(2)Type B
4934(3)Type B
5035Type B
5136(1)Type B
5236(2)Type B
5336(3)Type B
5436(4)Type B
5537Type B
5638Type B
5739Type B
5840Type B
5941Type B
6042Type B
6143Type B
6245(a)Type B
6345(b)Type B
6445(c)Type B
6546(1)(a)Type B
6646(1)(b)Type B
6746(1)(c)Type B
6846(1)(d)Type B
6946(1)(e)Type B
7046(1)(f)Type B
7146(1)(g)Type B
7246(1)(h)Type B
7346(1)(i)Type B
7446(1)(j)Type B
7546(2)(a)Type B
7646(2)(b)Type B
7747Type B
7849Type B
7950(1)(a)Type B
8050(1)(b)Type B
8151Type B
8252(1)(a)Type B
8352(1)(b)Type B
8452(2)Type B
8553(a)Type B
8653(b)Type B
8753(c)Type B
8854Type B
8955Type B
9056Type B
9157Type B
9258Type B
9359Type B
9460(1)Type B
9560(2)Type B
9661(1)Type B
9761(2)Type B
9862(a)Type B
9962(b)Type B
10062(c)Type B
10162(d)Type B
10263(a)Type B
10363(b)Type A
10464Type B
10565(a)Type B
10665(b)Type B
10765(c)Type B
10866(1)Type B
10966(3)Type B
11067Type B
11168Type B
11269Type B
11370(1)Type B
11470(2)Type B
11570(3)Type B
11671(2)Type B
11771(3)Type B
11872(a)Type B
11972(b)Type B
12073(1)Type B
12173(3)Type B
12274Type A
12375(1)Type B
12476(1)(a)Type B
12576(2)(a)Type B
12676(2)(b)Type B
12777(1)Type A
12877(2)Type A
12978(a)Type A
13078(b)Type A
13178(c)Type A
13278(d)Type A
13378(e)Type A
13479(a)Type B
13579(b)Type B
13680Type B
13781(a)Type B
13881(b)Type B
13982(a)Type B
14082(b)Type B
14183(2)Type B
14283(3)Type B
14384(a)Type B
14484(b)Type B
14584(c)Type B
14685(1)Type A
14785(2)Type A
14886Type A
14987(1)Type A
15087(2)Type A
15188Type B
15289(1)Type A
15389(2)Type A
15490(1)Type B
15590(2)Type A
15691Type A

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