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Northwest Territories Mining Regulations (SOR/2014-68)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28 and last amended on 2017-06-19. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 1(Subsections 3(1) and (4), paragraph 9(2)(c), subsections 17(2), 18(3), 24(1) and (2), 33(3), 35(3), 41(3), 42(1), 45(4), 46(2) and (6) and 52(2), section 54, paragraphs 59(c) and 60(2)(a), subsection 62(1) and paragraphs 65(c), 66(1)(d), 82(1)(c) and 83(1)(b))


Column 1Column 2
ItemDescriptionFee ($)
1Copy of a record, per page1.00
2Licence issued to an individual5.00
3Licence issued to a corporation50.00
4Duplicate licence2.00
5Identification tags or reduced-area tags, per set2.00
6Application to record a claim or a reduced-area claim, per hectare in the claim0.25
7Application for a prospecting permit25.00
8Request to group prospecting permits10.00
9Request to transfer a prospecting permit25.00
10Certificate of work, per hectare in the claim0.25
11Request to group recorded claims10.00
12Application for extension to do work on a claim, per hectare in the claim0.25
13Recording an official plan of survey of a claim, per claim in the survey2.00
14Application for lease of a recorded claim or renewal of a lease, per claim in the lease25.00
15Recording a transfer of a lease and any other document pertaining to a lease25.00
16Recording any document pertaining to a claim, per entry2.00
17Request to cancel the recording of a claim10.00

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