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Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure (SOR/2010-277)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01 and last amended on 2021-04-08. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 1(Sections 2 and 4)Broadcasting Applications That Give Rise to a Proceeding to Which the Rules Do Not Apply

The following applications, if they do not raise any concerns with respect to Commission policies or regulations or conditions of licence:

  • 1 Application for the extension of a deadline for the implementation of an authority to provide a new service.

  • 2 Application for the extension of a deadline for the filing of documentation or other information in response to a requirement made by the Commission in a decision.

  • 3 Application for changes to the authorized contours of over-the-air programming undertakings in cases where the revised contours do not enter a new market and the proposal will not result in a change of the operating class of a low-power station.

  • 4 Application for changes to the authorized areas of licensed broadcasting distribution undertakings.

  • 5 Application for amendments to conditions of licence to implement a regulatory policy of the Commission or to incorporate a standard condition.

  • 6 Application by a licensee for revocation of the licensee’s licence.

  • 7 Share transfer application referred to in paragraph 9. of Broadcasting Circular CRTC 2008-8, dated November 21, 2008.


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