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Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations (SOR/2008-120)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01 and last amended on 2023-12-08. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 4(Subsection 2(4))Waters on Which Power-driven Vessels and Vessels Driven by Electrical Propulsion Are Subject to an Engine Power Limit


British Columbia

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ItemName Given by the Gazetteer of Canada or DescriptionGeneral LocationLocation Reference (Gazetteer of Canada Reference System)Maximum Engine Power in Kilowatts
1Hicks LakeSasquatch Provincial Park49°20′ 121°42′7.5
2Unnamed lake, locally known as Boot Lake, approximately 70 km south of Dawson CreekDawson Creek, Peace River Regional District55°11′27″7.45
3Unnamed lake, locally known as Dina Lake #1north of Mackenzie55°31′ 123°18′7.45
4Chute Lakenortheast of Penticton49°42′ 119°32′7.45
5That part of the Cowichan River from the Greendale Road trestle in the village of Lake Cowichan to the Island Highway bridge in DuncanDuncan48°46′ 123°38′7.45
6That part of the Nanaimo River from the Island Highway bridge to the mouth of the riversouth of Nanaimo49°04′ 123°52′7.45
7The Somass River, from the Paper Mill Dam to the confluence of the Sprout River and the Stamp RiverPort Alberni49°14′ 124°49′7.45
8The Stamp River, from the confluence of the Somass River and the Sprout River to Great Central LakePort Alberni49°18′ 124°53′7.45
9Weaver Lakenorthwest of Harrison Hot Springs49°21′ 121°52′7.45
10Pillar LakeFalkland50°35′ 119°38′7.45
11Stewart Lakenorthwest of Dawson Creek55°58′ 121°10′7.45
12Hawkins Lakenortheast of 100 Mile House51°51′ 120°55′7.45
13Nahmint Lakewest of Port Alberni49°10′ 125°02′7.45
14Casey Lakewest of Fraser Lake54°03′ 125°03′7.45
15Tunkwa Lakesouthwest of Kamloops50°36′ 120°51′7.45
16Red Lakenorthwest of Kamloops50°53′ 120°47′7.45
17Main LakeQuadra Island


18Mine LakeQuadra Island


19Except where the prohibition set out in item 40 of Part 3 of Schedule 1 or in item 86 of Part 2 of Schedule 2 applies, Elk and Beaver Lakes and all that part of Elk and Beaver Lakes in the interlake area except that part of Elk Lake that is delineated by a line drawn from a point at coordinates 48°31′58″ 123°24′03″ to 48°31′37″ 123°23′34″, thence to 48°31′45″ 123°23′37″, thence to 48°32′04″ 123°24′00″, and that is situated south of a 30 m shore zone between a line drawn on an azimuth of 210° passing through a point at coordinates 48°32′16″ 123°24′12″ and a line drawn on an azimuth of 180° passing through a point at coordinates 48°32′03″ 123°24′00″ and on all of Elk and Beaver Lakes and the interlake area during a rowing event for which a permit has been issued under these Regulationsnorthwest of Victoria48°31′44″ 123°23′55″7.5
20Dutch LakeClearwater51°00′ 120°00′7.45
21French Lake100 Mile House51°35′ 120°45′7.45
22West King Lake100 Mile House51°33′30″ 120°37′36″7.45
23East King Lake100 Mile House51°33′45″ 120°36′31″7.45
24Peach Lake100 Mile House51°59′24″ 121°18′22″7.45
25Kentucky LakeAspen Grove49°55′ 120°40′7.45
26Alleyne LakeAspen Grove49°55′ 120°40′7.45
27Forest Lake100 Mile House52°17′41″ 122°02′16″7.45
28Headwaters #1 LakePeachland49°49′ 120°00′7.45
29Inland LakePowell River49°57′ 124°30′7.45
30Niskonlith LakeChase50°45′ 119°52′7.45
31Birch LakeKamloops51°27′ 120°30′7.45
32Hihium LakeKamloops51°03′ 121°06′7.45
33Village Bay LakeQuadra Island50°11′00″ 125°11′47″7.45
34Osprey LakePeachland49°42′ 120°11′7.45
35Cartwright LakeBriscoe50°50′ 116°10′7.45
36Howard LakeCanim Lake51°48′47″ 120°47′35″7.45
37Yellow LakePenticton49°10′ 119°00′7.45
38Chubb LakePrince George53°16′38″ 122°33′54″7.45
39Cleland LakeBriscoe50°50′ 116°10′7.45
40[Repealed, SOR/2014-210, s. 18]
41Squakum LakeHarrison Bay49°15′ 122°00′7.45
42Fairy LakePort Renfrew48°35′06″ 124°20′46″7.45
43Bunting LakeWilliams Lake52°15′43″ 121°51′18″7.45
44Conkle LakeWestbridge49°05′ 119°05′7.45
45Greeny LakeTimothy Lake51°51′06″ 121°20′50″7.45
46Big Fish LakeBriscoe50°50′ 116°10′7.45
47Chain LakePrinceton49°41′51″ 120°16′33″7.45
48Star LakeClearwater51°38′50″ 120°10′43″7.45
49McCullock ReservoirKelowna49°45′ 119°00′7.45
50Hatheume LakePeachland49°59′ 120°02′7.45
51Stony LakeDawson Creek54°50′ 120°35′7.45
52Trapping LakePrince George53°35′ 122°35′7.45
53Paska LakeKamloops50°31′ 120°39′7.45
54Pressy Lake70 Mile House51°22′06″ 121°02′51″7.45
55Raven LakeWilliams Lake52°02′17″ 122°52′48″7.45
56Jewel LakeGreenwood49°10′ 118°37′7.45
57Vivian LakePrince George54°01′34″ 123°12′36″7.45
58Inga Lakesouth of Alaska Highway56°37′ 121°38′7.45
59Dry LakePrinceton49°39′ 120°37′7.45
60Carbon LakeHudson Hope55°58′ 122°34′7.45
61Elk and Beaver LakesVictoria48°31′47″ 123°23′55″7.45
62 and 63[Repealed, SOR/2017-261, s. 29]



Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
ItemName Given by the Gazetteer of Canada or DescriptionGeneral LocationLocation Reference (Gazetteer of Canada Reference System)Maximum Engine Power in Kilowatts
1Loch LevenCypress Hills Provincial Park49°40′ 109°30′3.75
2Pike LakePike Lake Provincial Park51°54′ 106°49′7.5
3Burtlein Lake54°15′ 104°38′3.75
4Nipawin Lake54°03′ 104°38′3.75
5Mitten Lake53°58′ 104°39′3.75
6Pine Lake54°01′ 104°40′3.75
7Mackie Lake56°21′ 105°29′3.75



Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
ItemName Given by the Gazetteer of Canada or DescriptionGeneral LocationLocation Reference (Gazetteer of Canada Reference System)Maximum Engine Power in Kilowatts
1Wilcox Lake, Municipality of Grey Highlands, Grey County44°14′ 80°33′7.5
2Spar Lake




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