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Pacific Fishery Management Area Regulations, 2007 (SOR/2007-77)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2017-04-13. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 1(Sections 1 to 3)Surfline

Consists of 2 lines following the coast of the Province.
1 The first line
begins at blank line48°29.607′N124°43.635′W
then to blank line48°35.732′N124°43.063′W[Bonilla Point Light]
then following the shoreline of Vancouver Island to blank line48°40.026′N124°50.983′W[Whyac Point]
then to blank line48°40.132′N124°51.349′W[Tsuquanah Point]
then following the shoreline of Vancouver Island to blank line48°47.188′N125°12.719′W[Vancouver Island]
then true west to blank line48°47.188′N125°12.932′W[Cape Beale Light]
then to blank line48°49.906′N125°19.504′W
then to blank line48°52.182′N125°25.008′W
then to blank line48°55.268′N125°32.470′W[Amphitrite Point Light]
then following the shoreline of Vancouver Island to blank line49°05.680′N125°53.375′W[Cox Point]
then to blank line49°06.625′N125°55.412′W[Lennard Island Light]
then to blank line49°09.564′N126°01.094′W[Vargas Island near Ahous Point]
then following the westerly shoreline of Vargas Island to blank line49°09.983′N126°01.368′W[Ahous Point]
then to blank line49°10.727′N126°03.835′W[Blunden Island]
then to blank line49°17.022′N126°13.833′W[Rafael Point]
then to blank line49°19.988′N126°15.605′W[in water]
then to blank line49°24.813′N126°24.483′W[Hesquiat Point]
then to blank line49°22.660′N126°28.483′W[Matlahaw Point]
then following the shoreline of Vancouver Island to blank line49°32.067′N126°34.250′W[Escalante Point]
then to blank line49°34.841′N126°40.230′W[Maquinna Point]
then following the shoreline of Nootka Island to blank line49°43.472′N126°57.263′W[Nootka Island]
then to blank line49°43.478′N126°57.303′W
then following the westerly shoreline to blank line49°44.891′N126°58.920′W[Ferrer Point]
then to blank line49°51.564′N127°09.127′W[Tatchu Point]
then to blank line49°59.860′N127°27.334′W[Lookout Island]
then to blank line50°05.176′N127°36.454′W
then to blank line50°07.853′N127°41.047′W[Jackobson Point]
then following the shoreline of Brooks Peninsula to blank line50°04.870′N127°48.856′W[Clerke Point]
then to blank line50°06.554′N127°56.354′W[Solander Island]
then following the westerly shoreline to blank line50°06.831′N127°56.432′W[Solander Island]
then to blank line50°19.514′N127°58.598′W[Lawn Point]
then to blank line50°30.000′N128°10.406′W
then to blank line50°32.428′N128°13.140′W[Topknot Point]
then to blank line50°36.514′N128°18.215′W[Cape Palmerston]
then to blank line50°39.685′N128°22.060′W[Winifred Islands]
then to blank line50°40.244′N128°21.775′W[Cape Russell]
then following the shoreline to blank line50°41.519′N128°22.739′W[Cape Russell]
then to blank line50°44.506′N128°25.039′W[Strange Rock]
then to blank line50°45.998′N128°25.146′W[Cape Scott]
then following the shoreline of Cape Scott to blank line50°47.192′N128°25.862′W[Cape Scott]
then to blank line50°52.622′N128°03.181′W[Cape Sutil]
then to blank line51°09.815′N128°04.137′W
then to blank line51°15.000′N128°04.426′W
then to blank line51°25.000′N128°04.982′W
then to blank line51°28.815′N128°05.194′W[Herbert Point]
then to blank line51°44.171′N128°20.511′W
then to blank line51°51.090′N128°27.413′W[Currie Islet Light]
then to blank line51°53.397′N128°29.601′W
then to blank line52°00.252′N128°36.105′W
then to blank line52°10.000′N128°45.352′W
then to blank line52°15.688′N128°50.748′W
then to blank line52°17.000′N128°51.992′W
then to blank line52°23.333′N128°58.000′W[Nab Rock]
then to blank line52°24.222′N128°59.048′W
then to blank line52°27.215′N129°02.577′W
then to blank line52°51.000′N129°30.622′W
then to blank line52°51.437′N129°31.137′W
then to blank line52°56.853′N129°37.523′W[Dewdney Island]
then to blank line53°09.675′N129°57.272′W[Terror Point]
then to blank line53°10.000′N129°57.946′W
then to blank line53°23.289′N130°25.506′W
then to blank line53°27.985′N130°35.246′W[Bonilla Island]
then following the westerly shoreline of Bonilla Island to blank line53°29.954′N130°38.055′W[Bonilla Island]
then to blank line53°38.068′N130°41.830′W
then to blank line53°50.849′N130°47.775′W
then to blank line53°52.000′N130°48.311′W
then to blank line53°59.983′N130°52.025′W
then to blank line54°14.117′N130°58.600′W[Butterworth Rocks Light]
then to blank line54°26.900′N131°05.589′W
then to blank line54°37.000′N131°11.000′W
then true north to the international boundary between Canada and the United States.
2 The second line circles the Queen Charlotte Islands and
begins at blank line54°14.258′N132°57.851′W[Andrews Point]
then to blank line54°09.405′N132°39.145′W[Shag Rock Light]
then to blank line54°06.893′N132°19.155′W[Wiah Point]
then to blank line54°09.000′N131°40.000′W[Rose Point]
then southerly following the shoreline of Graham Island to blank line53°25.854′N131°54.639′W[Lawn Point]
then to blank line53°15.632′N131°46.232′W
then to blank line53°06.533′N131°38.748′W[Gray Point]
then to blank line52°57.832′N131°32.897′W
then to blank line52°52.676′N131°29.429′W[Reef Island]
then to blank line52°48.259′N131°26.852′W
then to blank line52°42.312′N131°23.384′W
then to blank line52°35.143′N131°19.203′W
then to blank line52°26.501′N131°14.163′W[Scudder Point]
then to blank line52°17.292′N131°03.532′W
then to blank line52°12.507′N130°58.008′W[Garcin Rocks Light]
then to blank line52°10.000′N130°57.392′W
then to blank line52°05.008′N130°56.165′W[Lyman Point]
then to blank line51°56.153′N131°00.965′W[Cape St. James Light]
then following the westerly shoreline to blank line51°56.357′N131°01.254′W[St. James Island]
then to blank line51°56.515′N131°01.466′W[Kunghit Island]
then following the westerly shoreline of Kunghit Island to blank line52°00.186′N131°06.533′W[Barber Point]
then to blank line52°08.890′N131°19.257′W
then to blank line52°12.754′N131°24.906′W[McLean Fraser Point]
then to blank line52°48.782′N132°14.805′W[Chads Point]
then to blank line52°55.592′N132°23.208′W
then to blank line53°01.166′N132°30.085′W
then to blank line53°02.723′N132°32.007′W[Kitgoro Point]
then following the shoreline of Moresby Island to blank line53°05.732′N132°34.496′W[Buck Point]
then to blank line53°09.120′N132°37.757′W
then to blank line53°15.208′N132°43.597′W
then to blank line53°18.933′N132°47.171′W
then to blank line53°25.986′N132°53.937′W
then to blank line53°28.101′N132°55.966′W
then to blank line53°32.871′N133°00.543′W[Hippa Island]
then to blank line53°41.424′N133°04.640′W
then to blank line53°42.621′N133°05.214′W
then to blank line53°44.869′N133°06.291′W
then to blank line53°46.713′N133°07.175′W[Tian Head]
then to blank line53°47.467′N133°07.499′W
then to blank line53°54.787′N133°10.641′W[Frederick Island]
then following the westerly shoreline of Frederick Island to blank line53°56.246′N133°11.862′W[Hope Point]
then to blank line54°00.000′N133°10.346′W
then to blank line54°10.552′N133°06.085′W
then to blank line54°13.500′N133°04.895′W[Langara Island]
then northerly and easterly following the shoreline of Langara Island to the beginning point.
  • SOR/2011-39, s. 14

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