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Natural and Man-made Harbour Navigation and Use Regulations (SOR/2005-73)

Regulations are current to 2024-02-06

SCHEDULE(Sections 7 and 11 to 16)


Column 1Column 2Column 3
ItemActivityAuthorization by posted signs, nautical charts, maps or forms

(section 13)

Authorization to a person

(section 15)

1Conducting a diving operationX
2Conducting a salvage operationX
3Transporting, loading, unloading or transhipping explosives or other dangerous goods, industrial waste or pollutantsX
4Bunkering or fuellingX
5Carrying out an oil transfer operation, a chemical transfer operation or a liquefied gas transfer operationX
6Conducting a dredging operationX
7Excavating or removing any material or substanceX
8Building, placing, rebuilding, repairing, altering, moving or removing any structure or workX
9Placing or operating a light or day markerX
10Casting adrift a ship, log or other objectX
11Conducting a race, regatta, trial, demonstration, organized event or similar activityX
12Causing a fire or explosion, conducting blasting or setting off fireworks, including setting off a flare or other signalling deviceX
13Placing a placard, bill, sign or deviceX
15Venturing out onto iceX
16Launching a ship by slipway or craneX
17Conducting the take-off or landing of a sea-planeX
18Laying up a shipX
19Placing, altering, removing or relocating an aid to navigation, buoy, mooring, float, picket, mark or signX
20Mooring or anchoring a floating structureX
21Mooring log boomsX
22Fishing or crabbingX
23Conducting aquacultural research or operationsX

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