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Age Guidelines (SI/78-165)

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Regulations are current to 2024-06-19

Age Guidelines



Registration 1978-10-25

Guidelines of the Canadian Human Rights Commission Respecting Reasonable Practices Relating to Age Justifying Different Fares, Rates or Charges in the Provision of Goods, Services and Facilities Available to the General Public

The Canadian Human Rights Commission, pursuant to paragraph 14(e) and subsection 22(2) of the Canadian Human Rights Act, is hereby pleased to issue guidelines as set out in the schedule hereto respecting reasonable practices relating to age justifying different fares, rates or charges in the provision of goods, services and facilities available to the general public.

Dated at Ottawa, October 10, 1978

Short Title

 These Guidelines may be cited as the Age Guidelines.


 In these Guidelines, Act means the Canadian Human Rights Act.


 Where adverse differentiation in relation to any individual in the provision of goods, services, facilities or accommodation customarily available to the general public is based only on a reduction or absence of rates, fares or charges with respect to children, youths or senior citizens, such adverse differentiation is reasonable and is not, in the opinion of the Commission, a discriminatory practice within the meaning of section 5 of the Act.

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