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Canadian Egg Anti-dumping Pricing Regulations (C.R.C., c. 654)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01

Canadian Egg Anti-dumping Pricing Regulations

C.R.C., c. 654


Regulations Respecting the Anti-Dumping Pricing of Eggs in Interprovincial Trade

Short Title

 These Regulations may be cited as the Canadian Egg Anti-dumping Pricing Regulations.


 In these Regulations,


egg means the egg of a hen; (oeuf)


hen means a hen of any class of the domestic chicken belonging to the species Gallus Domesticus; (poule)


marketing in relation to eggs, means selling and offering for sale and buying, pricing, assembling, packing, processing, transporting, storing and reselling, whether in whole or in processed form. (commercialisation)

Interprovincial Price

 No person shall market eggs in a province other than the province in which the eggs are produced at a price that is less than the aggregate of

  • (a) the price charged at or about the same time for eggs of an equivalent variety, class or grade in the province or other geographical area in which the eggs are produced; and

  • (b) any reasonable transportation charges therefor to the place where such eggs are marketed and that are incurred by the person marketing the eggs.


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