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Designated Areas Firearms Order (C.R.C., c. 430)

Regulations are current to 2023-11-14

Designated Areas Firearms Order

C.R.C., c. 430


Order Designating Areas in Which Permits to Possess a Firearm or Ammunition May Be Issued to Persons under the Age of Fourteen Years

Short Title

 This Order may be cited as the Designated Areas Firearms Order.

Areas Designated

 Each area set out in the schedule is designated as an area within which a permit to possess a firearm or ammunition may be issued by a local registrar of firearms to a person under the age of 14 years who resides within that area.

SCHEDULE(Section 2)

  • 1 Ontario

    • (1) District of Cochrane — excluding the organized municipalities of:

      • (a) Towns: Cochrane, Hearst, Kapuskasing, Smooth Rock Falls and Timmins;

      • (b) Townships: Black River (Matheson), Calvert, Fauquier, Glackmeyer, Kendrey, Mount Joy, Playfair, Shackleton and Machin, Tisdale and Whitney.

    • (2) District of Thunder Bay — that portion lying north of No. 11 Highway, bordered on the east by the Cochrane-Thunder Bay District Boundary and on the west by the Kenora-Thunder Bay boundary.

    • (3) District of Kenora and Patricia — those portions lying north of the main Canadian National Railway line.

  • 2 Manitoba

    The area comprising the whole of the Province of Manitoba.

  • 3 Alberta

    That area commencing from the point on the Alberta-Saskatchewan boundary intersected by the north boundary of Township 68, thence west along the north boundary of Township 68 to its intersection with the 5th meridian, thence north along the 5th meridian to its intersection with the north boundary of Township 92, then west along the north boundary of Township 92 to its intersection with the Alberta-British Columbia boundary, thence north along the British Columbia-Alberta boundary to the boundary of the Northwest Territories, thence east along this boundary to the point where it meets the boundary between Alberta and Saskatchewan and thence southerly along the Saskatchewan-Alberta boundary to the point of commencement.

  • 4 Yukon Territory

    The area comprising the whole of the Yukon Territory.

  • 5 Northwest Territories

    The area comprising the whole of the Northwest Territories.

  • 6 Quebec

    All that part of the Province of Quebec situated north of the 50th degree of latitude, between the Quebec-Ontario border eastwards to the 68th degree of longitude, thence along a line extending due north to the 51st degree of latitude, thence eastwards along the 51st degree of latitude to the junction with the 60th degree of longitude, thence along the coast to the Quebec-Newfoundland border, following an imaginary line situated about 10 miles from the coast.

  • 7 Saskatchewan

    All that area of the Province of Saskatchewan situated north of the 54th parallel of north latitude.

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