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Large Fishing Vessel Inspection Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1435)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28 and last amended on 2023-02-21. Previous Versions


Life Raft Equipment

12 sea anchors, 1 permanently attached and 1 spare.A, B
21 bailer, 2 sponges and 1 safety knife (life raft having capacity to accommodate 12 persons or less).A, B
32 bailers, 2 sponges and 2 safety knives (life raft having capacity to accommodate over 12 persons.)A, B
41 topping up pump (life raft with inflatable compartments only).A, B
51 repair kit (life raft with inflatable compartments only).A, B
61 quoit with 30 m of heaving line.A, B
72 paddles.A, B
86 anti-seasickness tablets for each person.A, B
9Survival Instructions in English and French.A, B
106 red hand flares.A, B
111 flashlight for signalling, with spare batteries and 1 spare bulb.A, B
121 all-round white light.A, B
131 axe (rigid life raft only).A, B
142 parachute distress signals.A
151 daylight signalling mirror.A
161 whistle.A
171 fishing kit.A
18340 g of rations for each personA
19170 g of barley sugar or other suitable sweets for each person.A
201.5 L of fresh water per person.A
211 graduated drinking vessel.A
223 safety can openers.A
231 first aid kit.A
241 illustrated table of life saving signals.A
  • SOR/80-249, ss. 32, 33
  • SOR/96-216, s. 8

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