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Weights and Measures Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. W-6)

Act current to 2024-04-01 and last amended on 2021-04-19. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE II(Section 4)Canadian Units of Measurement

Measurement of Length

Unit of MeasurementDefinition
(a)mile1 760 yards
(b)furlong220 yards
(c)rod, pole or perch5½ yards
(d)yard9 144/10 000 metre
(e)foot1/3 yard
(f)inch1/36 yard
(g)chain22 yards
(h)link1/100 chain

Measurement of Area

Unit of MeasurementDefinition
(a)square mile640 acres
(b)acre4 840 square yards
(c)square rod30¼ square yards
(d)square yarda superficial area equal to that of a square each side of which measures one yard
(e)square foot1/9 square yard
(f)square inch1/144 square foot

Measurement of Volume or Capacity

Unit of MeasurementDefinition
(a)bushel8 gallons
(b)peck2 gallons
(c)gallon454 609/100 000 000 cubic metre
(d)quart1/4 gallon
(e)pint1/8 gallon
(f)gill1/32 gallon
(g)fluid ounce1/160 gallon
(h)fluid dram1/8 fluid ounce
(i)cubic yarda volume equal to that of a cube each side of which measures one yard
(j)cubic foot1/27 cubic yard
(k)cubic inch1/1 728 cubic foot
(l)[Deleted, SOR/86-854, s. 2]

Measurement of Mass or Weight

Unit of MeasurementDefinition
(a)ton2 000 pounds
(b)cental or hundredweight100 pounds
(c)pound45 359 237/100 000 000 kilogram
(d)ounce1/16 pound or 437½ grains
(e)dram1/16 ounce
(f)grain1/7 000 pound

Measurement of the Mass or Weight of Precious Metals

Unit of MeasurementDefinition
(a)troy ounce480 grains

Measurement of the Mass or Weight of Precious Stones and Gem Stones

Unit of MeasurementDefinition
(a)carat200 milligrams
  • R.S., 1985, c. W-6, Sch. II
  • SOR/86-854

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