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Canada Lands Surveyors Regulations

Version of section 3 from 2006-03-22 to 2011-12-05:

  •  (1) Members shall abide by the code of ethics set out in subsections (2) to (7).

  • (2) Members shall serve the public to the best of their knowledge and ability and with accuracy and efficiency for the development and peaceful enjoyment of Canada’s lands and natural resources.

  • (3) Members shall be honest and trustworthy and shall, in particular,

    • (a) maintain confidentiality with respect to client or employer affairs during the term of their contract or employment and after their contract or employment has been terminated;

    • (b) certify only work that was performed by the member or under the member’s supervision; and

    • (c) enter into fee-splitting arrangements only with the knowledge and consent of their client.

  • (4) Members shall be vigilant upholders of the law relating to their profession and shall refrain from, in particular,

    • (a) entering into an arrangement that would allow the unauthorized practice of their profession; and

    • (b) knowingly or willingly becoming accessories to a failure to report any illegal practice of their profession to the Council of the Association.

  • (5) Members shall avoid any appearance of professional impropriety and shall, in particular,

    • (a) declare to their clients or employers any conflict of interest that impairs the quality of their services;

    • (b) ensure, to the best of their ability that their names are not used in association with persons or enterprises of dubious or doubtful ethics; and

    • (c) accept no compensation from more than one source for the same service without the consent of all parties involved.

  • (6) Members shall charge and accept only fair and reasonable compensation for their services and shall, in particular,

    • (a) make their claims for compensation commensurate with the professional and technical complexity of their services, their level of responsibility and their professional liability; and

    • (b) make details relevant to their claims for compensation available to their client on request.

  • (7) Members shall maintain their competence, integrity and respect for their profession in their relations with colleagues, clients, employers or employees and the public and shall, in particular,

    • (a) assume professional responsibility for authorized works carried out by their non-professional employees;

    • (b) cultivate into their employees the utmost integrity and a clear understanding of the professional obligations of surveyors to the public;

    • (c) provide their employees with good working conditions and reasonable remuneration;

    • (d) continually advance their skills and knowledge through study and educational programs;

    • (e) refrain from public criticism of the conduct or practice of colleagues;

    • (f) report any perceived misconduct or incompetence of members to the Council of the Association;

    • (g) keep adequate records of their work such that its quality can be judged by their peers;

    • (h) refrain from accepting assignments beyond their competence or beyond the resources available to them; and

    • (i) limit their advertising to a level that provides adequate information and avoids misleading and self-laudatory language.

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