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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 901.78 from 2021-07-07 to 2024-05-01:

 A manufacturer that has made a declaration to the Minister in respect of a model of remotely piloted aircraft system under section 901.76 shall make available to each owner of that model of system

  • (a) a maintenance program that includes

    • (i) instructions related to the servicing and maintenance of the system, and

    • (ii) an inspection program to maintain system readiness;

  • (b) any mandatory actions the manufacturer issues in respect of the system; and

  • (c) a remotely piloted aircraft system operating manual that includes

    • (i) a description of the system,

    • (ii) the ranges of weights and centres of gravity within which the system may be safely operated under normal and emergency conditions and, if a weight and centre of gravity combination is considered safe only within certain loading limits, those limits and the corresponding weight and centre of gravity combinations,

    • (iii) with respect to each flight phase and mode of operation, the minimum and maximum altitudes and velocities within which the aircraft can be operated safely under normal and emergency conditions,

    • (iv) a description of the effects of foreseeable weather conditions or other environmental conditions on the performance of both the system and the pilot,

    • (v) the characteristics of the system that could result in severe injury to crew members during normal operations,

    • (vi) the design features of the system, and their associated operations, that are intended to protect against injury to persons not involved in the operations,

    • (vii) the warning information provided to the pilot in the event of a degradation in system performance that results in an unsafe system operation condition,

    • (viii) procedures for operating the system in normal and emergency conditions, and

    • (ix) assembly and adjustment instructions for the system.

  • SOR/2019-11, s. 23
  • SOR/2021-152, s. 15(F)

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