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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 305.01 from 2019-05-15 to 2022-12-20:

 The following definitions apply in this Subpart.

applicable heliport standard

applicable heliport standard means the standard that is applicable to a heliport or to a part of it, or to its administration and operation, as determined under subsection 305.17(1). (norme sur les héliports applicable)


FATO means a final approach and take-off area, which consists of a defined area over which the final phase of a helicopter approach manoeuvre to hover or land is completed and from which the take-off manoeuvre is commenced. (FATO)

heliport certificate

heliport certificate means a certificate issued under section 305.08, 305.11 or 305.12. (certificat d’héliport)

heliport closed marking

heliport closed marking means a marking that meets the requirements of subsection 305.41(1). (marque de zone fermée d’héliport)

heliport operations manual

heliport operations manual or HOM means the manual referred to in sections 305.53 to 305.57 and includes any amendments to the manual that are included under subsection 305.08(4). (manuel d’exploitation d’héliport ou MEH)

standard 621.19

standard 621.19[Repealed, SOR/2011-285, s. 4]


TLOF means a touchdown and lift off area, which consists of a load-bearing area on which a helicopter may touch down or lift off. (TLOF)

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  • SOR/2011-285, s. 4
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