EEC Aged Cheddar Cheese Export Regulations

Version of section 2 from 2006-03-22 to 2019-01-14:

 In these Regulations,

aged cheddar cheese

aged cheddar cheese means Canadian-produced cheddar cheese that is graded Canada 1 pursuant to the Dairy Products Regulations and aged for a period of not less than nine months; (fromage cheddar fort)


Commission means the Canadian Dairy Commission; (Commission)


EEC means the European Economic Community; (CEE)

eligible exporter

eligible exporter means a person to whom an export entitlement is allotted by the Commission pursuant to these Regulations and includes a person referred to in section 3; (exportateur admissible)

export entitlement

export entitlement means the portion of the export quota that is allotted to a person by the Commission pursuant to these Regulations and includes the export entitlement retained by a person pursuant to section 3; (contingent individuel d’exportation)

export quota

export quota means the quantity of aged cheddar cheese that may be exported from Canada to the EEC in a year at the special customs tariff referred to in the arrangement between Canada and the EEC concerning cheese; (contingent global d’exportation)


person means any individual, partnership, corporation or cooperative association. (personne)

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