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Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations

Version of section 6 from 2006-03-22 to 2006-06-22:

 For the purposes of paragraphs 5(1)(b), (2)(b), (3)(b) and (4)(b), an individual has a sufficient knowledge of the laws and procedures relating to importations and exportations if the person

  • (a) attained a grade of at least 60 per cent on the Customs Brokers Qualifying Examination given pursuant to section 15;

  • (b) meets the knowledge requirement determined in accordance with subsection 4(2); or

  • (c) establishes that

    • (i) prior to the coming into force of these Regulations, he had successfully completed the Customs Brokers Employee Qualifying Course given by the Canadian Institute of Customs House Brokers, and

    • (ii) he has been continuously employed since completing the Course referred to in subparagraph (i) in the transaction of business as a customs broker on behalf of a person to whom a licence was issued under subsection 118(1) of the former Customs Act, being chapter C-40 of the Revised Statutes of Canada, 1970.

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