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Accounting for Imported Goods and Payment of Duties Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2006-03-22 to 2011-09-29:

SCHEDULE 2(Paragraph 10.5(1)(b))CSA Importer Information

  • 1 
    Legal name
  • 2 
    Business number
  • 3 
    Operating names, if different from the name provided under item 1
  • 4 
    Business address
  • 5 
    Mailing address, if different from the business address
  • 6 
    Telephone and facsimile numbers
  • 7 
    Form of business organization, e.g., corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or other entity
  • 8 
    If importer is a corporation, a chart of its corporate structure showing parent and subsidiary corporations and their business numbers, if any
  • 9 
    If importer has a website, its address
  • 10 
    North American Industrial Classification Code as assigned by Statistics Canada, if any
  • 11 
    Description of the key business activities and products
  • 12 
    Name, title, street address, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and facsimile number of the importer’s contact person
  • 13 
    Number of employees
  • 14 
    Names of Canadian divisions that import goods into Canada
  • 15 
    For all Canadian divisions, the information required in items 2 to 11
  • 16 
    Canadian divisions responsible for purchasing goods
  • 17 
    Names of divisions that will use the business number of the importer for accounting and payment of duties on commercial goods released under subsection 32(2) of the Act
  • 18 
    Description of internal policies in place to minimize criminal activities
  • 19 
    Location of foreign trade zones in the United States or Puerto Rico that are used for goods that are imported into Canada, a description of any processing that takes place in those zones and the country where the goods came from
  • 20 
    If importer is using its own conveyances to transport the goods to Canada, the carrier code assigned by the Agency to the importer
  • 21 
    Agreements or arrangements with government departments or other agencies to allow goods to enter Canada
  • 22 
    Identification number of the security relevant to the application if the security has already been given
  • 23 
    Accounting option chosen under section 10.3
  • 24 
    Fiscal year
  • 25 
    Date that the importer expects to meet the requirements for the CSA authorization
  • 26 
    Description (both narrative and flow chart format) and sample documents of business processes, systems, records, and internal controls related to the purchasing, receiving, payment, customs accounting, adjustment, revenue reporting and payment of duties on imported goods for significant import scenarios that may arise
  • 27 
    Method to be used at the end of each accounting period to ensure that all goods imported during that period have been accounted for to the Agency
  • 28 
    Method to be used to differentiate imported goods from domestic shipments
  • 29 
    Method to be used to ensure that adjustments to the accounting information will be made to the Agency
  • 30 
    Names and addresses of consignees in Canada that receive direct delivery of the imported goods
  • 31 
    For goods imported from the United States, the vendor’s name, location and shipping address in the United States
  • 32 
    Procedures to electronically transmit adjustments, updates to consignees and vendors and monthly Revenue Summary Forms to the Agency
  • 33 
    Description and supporting documentation to demonstrate the audit trails that link business systems, books, records, documents, and accounting to the Agency
  • 34 
    Name and address of the entity referred to in section 3.5 of the Act where payments to the Receiver General will be made
  • 35 
    Description and supporting documentation to demonstrate the audit trails to the amounts calculated for the purposes of the monthly Revenue Summary Form and to payments made to the Receiver General under the Act
  • 36 
    Records to be used to identify the requirement to account for goods to the Agency
  • 37 
    Method to be used to determine the date that goods are released under paragraph 32(2)(b) of the Act
  • 38 
    Data from a 30-day representative period to permit the Agency to determine the normal amount of time between the reporting of goods and the delivery of the goods at the importer’s place of business
  • SOR/2005-383, s. 12

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