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Small Vessel Regulations

Version of section 511 from 2010-04-29 to 2020-10-05:

  •  (1) A workboat of a length set out in column 1 of the table to this subsection shall carry on board the navigation equipment set out in column 2 as indicated in that column.


    Column 1Column 2
    ItemLengthNavigation Equipment
    1not more than 9 m
    • (a) a sound-signalling appliance that meets the requirements of the Collision Regulations, or a sound-signalling device;

    • (b) if the vessel is operated after sunset or before sunrise or in periods of restricted visibility, navigation lights that meet the requirements of the Collision Regulations; and

    • (c) a magnetic compass that meets the requirements of the Navigation Safety Regulations

    2more than 9 m but not more than 12 m
    3more than 12 m
  • (2) A magnetic compass is not required to be carried on board a workboat that is not more than 8 m in length and that navigates within sight of seamarks.

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