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Vessel Registration and Tonnage Regulations

Version of section 1.1 from 2015-05-01 to 2021-06-22:

  •  (1) The following classes of vessels are exempted from the registration requirement in subsection 46(1) of the Act:

    • (a) vessels that are equipped with one or more primary propulsion engines whose aggregate power is less than 7.5 kW;

    • (b) vessels that are 8.5 m or less in length and that are propelled by sail alone;

    • (c) human-powered vessels, other than vessels in respect of which the Special-purpose Vessels Regulations apply; and

    • (d) vessels that are operated by a recreational boating school for training and that

      • (i) are not prohibited by section 10 of the Vessel Certificates Regulations from engaging on a voyage, and

      • (ii) were licensed under section 202 of the Act immediately before being operated by the recreational boating school for training.

  • (2) Subsection (1) does not apply in respect of vessels that carry more than 12 passengers.

  • SOR/2015-99, s. 3

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