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Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations

Version of section 68 from 2007-01-01 to 2019-06-11:

  •  (1) A director who issues a permit may amend, cancel or suspend it, and a director who approves a permit issued by another director may withdraw the approval, on written notification to the motor carrier, if

    • (a) the motor carrier or the driver contravenes these Regulations or any condition of the permit; or

    • (b) the director determines that the safety and health of the public, the driver or the employees of the motor carrier are or are likely to be jeopardized.

  • (2) The director shall choose among amendment, cancellation and suspension of the permit

    • (a) if the director is a provincial director, in accordance with the laws of the province; and

    • (b) if the director is the federal director, in accordance with the laws of the province in which the vehicle is base-plated.

  • (3) When a director withdraws approval for a permit issued by another director, the director who issued the permit shall amend it to remove the authority for a commercial vehicle to be operated under the permit in the province in respect of which approval is withdrawn.

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