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Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

Version of section 58 from 2006-03-22 to 2014-05-28:

Marginal note:Providing address within 180 days

  •  (1) In order to allow the Department to provide a permanent resident card, a permanent resident referred to in paragraph 53(1)(a) must provide to the Department, within 180 days after their entry into Canada, their address in Canada and, on the request of an officer,

    • (a) a photograph of the permanent resident that satisfies the requirements of subparagraphs 56(2)(e)(i) and (iii) to (vii); and

    • (b) the signature of the permanent resident or, if the permanent resident is a child less than 14 years of age, the signature of one of their parents unless

      • (i) a Canadian court has made another person responsible for the child, in which case the signature of that person must be provided, or

      • (ii) the parents are deceased, in which case the signature of the person legally responsible for the child must be provided.

  • Marginal note:Issuance after 180 days

    (2) If the permanent resident does not comply with subsection (1), they must make an application for a permanent resident card in accordance with section 56.

  • Marginal note:Attendance required

    (3) A permanent resident who applies for a permanent resident card under section 56 must, in order to be provided with the card, attend at the time and place specified in a notice mailed by the Department. If the permanent resident fails to attend within 180 days after the Department first mails a notice, the card shall be destroyed and the applicant must make a new application in order to be issued a permanent resident card.

  • Marginal note:Document verification

    (4) When attending in accordance with subsection (3), a permanent resident must produce the original documents copies of which were included in their application as required by paragraphs 56(2)(c) and (d).

  • SOR/2004-167, s. 17

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