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Controlled Goods Regulations

Version of section 13 from 2016-06-22 to 2024-06-19:

 Every registered person shall ensure that the designated official

  • (a) in respect of each officer, director and employee who is not a temporary worker of the registered person and who requires in the course of their duties access to controlled goods,

    • (i) conducts, at least once every five years and with the consent of the individual concerned, including their consent to the disclosure of their personal information to — and its use by — Canadian government entities and credit reporting agencies for the purpose of the assessment, a security assessment in accordance with section 15,

    • (ii) determines, on the basis of the security assessment, the extent to which the individual concerned poses a risk of transferring a controlled good to a person who is neither registered nor exempt from registration,

    • (iii) if the designated official is of the opinion that the individual concerned poses a high risk, requests that the Minister conduct his or her own security assessment in respect of the individual concerned and provides to the Minister, for the purpose of carrying out that assessment, all information and evidence obtained by the designated official under subsections 15(2), (4) and (5),

    • (iv) considers any recommendation provided by the Minister under subsection 15.1(2), and

    • (v) decides the extent to which the registered person ought to authorize the individual concerned to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods;

  • (b) verifies the information provided to them by temporary workers, international students and visitors for the purpose of applications for exemption submitted under section 18; and

  • (c) obtains and maintains any certification required by the Minister.

  • SOR/2016-201, s. 9

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