Class II Nuclear Facilities and Prescribed Equipment Regulations

Version of section 17 from 2008-04-17 to 2020-10-05:

  •  (1) Every licensee who installs a sealed source in any Class II prescribed equipment other than a pool-type irradiator shall, after installing the source, take measurements of radiation dose rates when the equipment is not in the irradiation mode and notify the Commission in writing as soon as practicable if the dose rate at any location that is 1 m from any sealed source in its shielded position exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • (2) Every licensee who possesses a radioactive source teletherapy machine shall, after the installation of a sealed source in the machine, take measurements of radiation dose rates at all accessible locations outside the room in which the machine is located, with the machine in the irradiation mode and operating under conditions that will result in the maximum dose rate at each location.

  • SOR/2008-119, s. 13
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