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Criminal Appeal Rules (SI/93-169)

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Regulations are current to 2020-10-21


IN THE MATTER OF A. B. (accused)
1. Place of disposition or placement decision blank line
2. Name of judge or chairperson of Review Board blank line
3. Offence(s) for which disposition or placement decision made blank line
blank line
4. Section(s) of Criminal Code for offences for which disposition or placement decision made blank line
5. Disposition or placement decision appealed from blank line
blank line
6. Length of hearing blank line
7. Date of disposition or placement decision1blank line
8. If accused in custody or detention, place of incarceration or detention blank line
9. The verdict at trial2blank line
TAKE NOTICE that the accused applies for an extension of time within which to launch the within appeal upon the following grounds: (here state reasons for delay) blank line
blank line
TAKE NOTICE that [identify party appealing] appeals against the disposition [or placement decision] upon grounds involving a question of law alone or fact alone or mixed law and fact.
The grounds of appeal are: blank line
blank line
blank line
The relief sought is: blank line
The appellant’s address for service is: blank line
Dated this blank line day of blank line 19blank line
blank line
(Name, address and telephone number of appellant’s solicitor or (where none) the appellant)
To: the Registrar
Numbered notes set out below refer to corresponding numbers on notice
Note 1. This notice of appeal must be served within fifteen days after the day on which the parties are provided with a copy of the disposition or placement decision and the reasons for it, by delivering a copy of the notice of appeal to the person in charge of the hospital or other institution in which the accused is in custody or by delivering to the office of the Registrar or by mailing to the Registrar by registered mail three copies of the notice of appeal, and, in addition, in an appeal by the Attorney General or by a party other than the accused, by personal service on the accused. If the accused is the appellant and is not represented by a solicitor then he or she must indicate in the space provided the reasons for failing to serve the notice of appeal within the time limit.
Note 2. That is, whether the verdict was that the accused was unfit to stand trial or not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder.
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