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Health of Animals Regulations

Version of section 192 from 2021-03-18 to 2024-05-01:

  •  (1) Despite section 191, an aquatic animal set out in the Susceptible Species of Aquatic Animals List may be imported without a permit for use as a pet if

    • (a) the aquatic animal is a member of one of the following species:

      • (i) Barbonymus gonionotus,

      • (ii) Carassius auratus,

      • (iii) Colisa lalia,

      • (iv) Danio rerio,

      • (v) Glossogobius giuris,

      • (vi) Osphronemus goramy,

      • (vii) Oxyeleotris marmorata,

      • (viii) Puntius sophore,

      • (ix) Symphysodon discus,

      • (x) Toxotes chatareus,

      • (xi) Trichogaster pectoralis, or

      • (xii) Trichogaster trichopterus;

    • (b) the aquatic animal has not been taken to a show or display outside Canada;

    • (c) the aquatic animal is imported by its owner;

    • (d) the aquatic animal is accompanied or picked up by its owner at the point of entry into Canada; and

    • (e) the owner presents proof of the owner’s identity and his or her ownership of the aquatic animal to the inspector.

  • (2) An aquatic animal imported under subsection (1) shall be kept in an aquarium in the household of its owner, and the owner shall not, for the year following the importation, expose it to any aquatic animals other than those kept in the household.

  • (3) The owner of an aquatic animal imported under subsection (1) shall not, in the period of 90 days after the importation, import another aquatic animal under that subsection.

  • (4) The owner of an aquatic animal imported under subsection (1) shall keep the records of the importation, including the documents required under paragraph (1)(e).

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