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Health of Animals Regulations

Version of section 184 from 2012-12-14 to 2014-06-30:

  •  (1) Subject to subsections (2) and (3), if an animal does not bear an approved tag, bears an approved tag that has been revoked or loses its approved tag, the person who owns or has the possession, care or control of the animal shall immediately apply a new approved tag to it.

  • (2) Subject to subsection (3), an animal that loses its approved tag while being transported may continue to be transported until it reaches the next place where it is to be unloaded, and it may be received at that place only if a new approved tag is applied to the animal immediately after it is received there.

  • (3) An animal that loses its approved tag on the way to an abattoir does not have to have a new approved tag applied to it if

    • (a) it is slaughtered at the abattoir;

    • (b) the person who operates the abattoir keeps a record of enough information about the origin of the animal to enable the origin to be traced, including, if it is known by that person,

      • (i) the number of the approved tag that was lost and, in the case of an animal to which more than one approved tag had been applied since the animal’s birth, the numbers of all of them,

      • (ii) the name and address of the owner or person having the possession, care or control of the animal when it was brought to the abattoir and the date when it was brought to the abattoir, and

      • (iii) the identification of the conveyance that brought the animal to the abattoir; and

    • (c) in the case of a bison or a bovine, the person who operates the abattoir reports to the administrator, within 30 days after the animal is slaughtered, the information that the person is required by paragraph (b) to record in respect of the animal.

  • (4) An organization that manages an animal identification system shall, if it receives the information referred to in paragraph (3)(b), report the information to the administrator within 30 days after receiving it.

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