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Health of Animals Regulations

Version of section 162 from 2007-07-12 to 2024-05-01:

  •  (1) In this Part, prohibited material means anything that is, or that contains any, protein that originated from a mammal, other than

    • (a) a porcine or equine;

    • (b) milk or products of milk;

    • (c) gelatin derived exclusively from hides or skins or products of gelatin derived exclusively from hides or skins;

    • (d) blood or products of blood; or

    • (e) rendered fats, derived from ruminants, that contain no more than 0.15% insoluble impurities or their products.

  • (2) Prohibited material that has been treated in a manner approved by the Minister to inactivate the agents that cause transmissible spongiform encephalopathies is no longer prohibited material.

  • SOR/97-362, s. 4
  • SOR/2006-147, s. 21

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