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Towboat Crew Accommodation Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1498)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2007-07-01. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE III(s. 13)Deck Coverings

    • 1 (1) Material for deck coverings shall comply with the following requirements:

      • (a) the surface, whether wet or dry, shall provide a durable non-skid surface;

      • (b) it shall be such that, after being immersed in water for a period of 48 hours, the moisture content of the material will not exceed seven per cent of its dry weight;

      • (c) it shall be so laid as to adhere to the deck under all conditions of service to which it may be subjected;

      • (d) it shall not contain any substance that may cause corrosion of the deck on which it is laid unless the deck is effectively protected from that corrosive substance;

      • (e) it shall be sufficiently durable to withstand the normal conditions of service and shall be sufficiently flexible to prevent cracking under those conditions; and

      • (f) it shall be of a type that will not readily ignite.

    • (2) Deck covering material laid on the crown of an oil fuel tank shall be such that if the material is immersed in fuel oil for a period of 24 hours at a temperature of 65°C

      • (a) the weight of the material will not increase by more than one per cent; and

      • (b) the material will not be penetrated by the oil.

  • SOR/78-144, s. 22

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