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Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations

Version of section 38 from 2006-03-22 to 2017-07-12:

  •  (1) Every fishing vessel exceeding 12.2 m in length shall be equipped with at least one hand or engine driven pump and apparatus whereby a suitable jet of water can be directed into any part of the ship.

  • (2) The internal diameter of the pipes for the pump mentioned in subsection (1) shall be not less than 19 mm.

  • (3) Subject to subsection (4), bilge pumps on a fishing vessel may be used as fire pumps by using them to pump sea water on deck.

  • (4) Where two bilge pumps are required on a fishing vessel, neither pump shall be used to pump sea water on deck unless it is possible for one bilge pump to pump bilge water overboard while the other pumps sea water on deck.

  • (5) Subject to subsection (6), the piping for a fire pump on a fishing vessel shall be of steel, bronze or other material that, in the opinion of the Board, is suitable for the purpose, and the joints for such piping shall be flanged or screwed.

  • (6) Where it is necessary to reduce the effect of vibration, short lengths of rubber or plastic hose may be installed and shall

    • (a) be clearly visible at all times;

    • (b) be of sufficient strength to withstand collapsing due to suction; and

    • (c) have joints made with clamps suitable for the purpose.

  • SOR/95-372, s. 7(E)

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