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Life Saving Equipment Regulations

Version of section 12 from 2006-03-22 to 2023-12-19:

 Every Class II ship making short international voyages that are home-trade IV or minor waters II voyages, shall carry

  • (a) subject to subparagraphs (i) and (ii) and to paragraph (d), Class 1 or Class 2 lifeboats each at least 7.3 m in length, each under davits, in number and capacity in accordance with columns I and III of the following table:


    Registered Length of Ship (metres)IIIIII
    Minimum Number of LifeboatsSmaller Number of Lifeboats Exceptionally AuthorizedMinimum Capacity of Lifeboats (m3)
    Under 30.5 blank lineas the Board shall prescribe
    30.5 and under 36.6 blank line2211.327
    36.6 and under 42.7 blank line2218.406
    42.7 and under 48.8 blank line2225.485
    48.8 and under 53.3 blank line3332.564
    53.3 and under 57.9 blank line3338.228
    57.9 and under 62.5 blank line4443.891
    62.5 and under 67.1 blank line4449.554
    67.1 and under 70.1 blank line5452.386
    70.1 and under 74.7 blank line5460.881
    74.7 and under 77.7 blank line6567.960
    77.7 and under 82.3 blank line6576.455
    82.3 and under 86.9 blank line7584.951
    86.9 and under 91.4 blank line7593.446
    91.4 and under 96.0 blank line86101.941
    96.0 and under 100.6 blank line86110.436
    100.6 and under 106.7 blank line97121.762
    106.7 and under 112.8 blank line97134.505
    112.8 and under 118.9 blank line107145.832
    118.9 and under 125.0 blank line107157.159
    125.0 and under 132.6 blank line129171.317
    132.6 and under 140.2 blank line129185.475
    140.2 and under 149.4 blank line1410202.465
    149.4 and under 158.5 blank line1410220.871
    158.5 and under 167.6 blank line1612237.862
    167.6 and over blank lineas the Board shall prescribe

    except that

    • (i) where the Board considers the requirements of Column I to be unreasonable or impracticable, compliance with the requirements of Column II may be permitted in lieu thereof, and

    • (ii) the capacity of the lifeboats need not be greater than is necessary to accommodate the complement;

  • (b) where the lifeboats referred to in paragraph (a) are insufficient to accommodate the complement, additional survival craft to make up the deficiency, consisting of one of the following or a combination of the two:

    • (i) Class 1 or Class 2 lifeboats, each at least 7.3 m in length and under davits, or

    • (ii) where the special subdivision requirements of the Hull Construction Regulations are complied with, life rafts or, if the embarkation station is 4.57 m or more above the waterline when the ship is in its lightest seagoing condition, life rafts under launching devices that are capable of launching the life rafts within 30 minutes in calm conditions;

  • (c) [Repealed, SOR/96-218, s. 9]

  • (d) notwithstanding the quantity requirements of paragraph (a), where the stowage of life rafts in accordance with subparagraph (b)(ii) is impracticable because of insufficient deck space, fewer lifeboats, except that

    • (i) a ship 57.9 m in length or over shall carry on each side, under davits, at least 2 Class 1 or Class 2 lifeboats at least 7.3 m in length, and

    • (ii) a ship under 57.9 m in length shall carry on each side, under davits, at least 1 Class 1 or Class 2 lifeboat at least 7.3 m in length,

    and such lifeboats shall, together with additional equipment as described under paragraph (b), accommodate the complement;

  • (e) where the ship is within the length range set out in column I of an item of the table to this paragraph, the supply of equipment set out in columns II and III of that item:


    Column IColumn IIColumn III
    ItemLength of ShipLifebuoysBuoyant Lifelines
    1Under 61.0 m82
    261.0 m or over but under 121.9 m122
    3121.9 m or over but under 182.9 m182
    4182.9 m or over but under 243.8 m242
    5243.8 m or over302
  • (f) the following supply of lifejackets:

    • (i) one for each member of the complement,

    • (ii) enough conspicuously stowed on deck for 5 per cent of the complement, and

    • (iii) enough that are suitable for children for at least 10 per cent of the complement or one for each child on board, whichever is greater;

  • (g) three survival craft VHF radiotelephone apparatus stowed so that they are readily accessible for immediate use;

  • (h) for each life raft, the Class C emergency pack set out in section 3 of Schedule I;

  • (i) for each lifeboat, the equipment set out in section 1 of Schedule II;

  • (j) means of embarkation into survival craft; and

  • (k) six red hand flares.

  • SOR/80-685, s. 7
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  • SOR/2000-261, s. 5
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