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Large Fishing Vessel Inspection Regulations

Version of section 32 from 2006-03-22 to 2021-06-22:

  •  (1) All main steam pipes shall be given a general examination in place, once each year.

  • (2) Steam pipes connecting two or more boilers together or connecting boilers to the propelling machinery, and auxiliary steam pipes exceeding 75 mm in internal diameter subjected to a working pressure of more than 1 035 kPa shall be removed for inspection and tested by hydraulic pressure to twice the working pressure,

    • (a) if the pipes are made of iron, steel or solid drawn copper, every six years, or a selected number as requested by the inspector, every four years,

    • (b) if the pipes are made of copper and have a brazed longitudinal joint, every four years,

    and to facilitate the inspection

    • (c) sufficient lagging, as required by the inspector, shall be removed from the pipes referred to in paragraph (a); and

    • (d) all the lagging shall be removed from the pipes referred to in paragraph (b).

  • (3) Copper steam pipes required to be inspected under this section shall be annealed from time to time when considered necessary by the inspector.

  • (4) Steam pipes being tested pursuant to subsection (2) shall be subjected to the hydraulic pressure required by that subsection for such time as the inspector considers necessary and any pipe that is leaking shall be repaired and re-tested.

  • (5) An inspector may at any time require any steam pipe to be removed for examination or testing, where, in his opinion, the bursting of such steam pipe might cause injury or loss of life.

  • SOR/80-249, s. 18

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