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Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Regulations

Version of section 18 from 2006-03-22 to 2013-06-06:

  •  (1) Where a contributor married on or after March 1, 1949, and the age of the contributor exceeded the age of his wife by 20 or more years, the annual allowance to which she, as the widow of such contributor, may be entitled under the Act shall be reduced in the proportion that the value of a life annuity as at an age 20 years less than the age of the contributor at the time of his death is of the value of an equal life annuity as at the then actual age of the wife, and for the purposes of this subsection the values of life annuities shall be computed on the basis of the a(f) Ultimate Table, Females.

  • (2) Where a child is born to a person at a time when that person was over 60 years of age, unless after that time that person becomes or continues to be a contributor, the child is not entitled to an annual allowance under the Act unless it appears to the Minister that the child was born following a gestation period commencing prior to the date when the contributor attained the age of 60 years or ceased to be a member of the Force.

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