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Criminal Code

Version of section 83.33 from 2013-07-15 to 2019-06-20:

Marginal note:Transitional provision — sections 83.28 and 83.29

  •  (1) In the event that sections 83.28 and 83.29 cease to have effect in accordance with section 83.32, proceedings commenced under those sections shall be completed if the hearing before the judge of the application made under subsection 83.28(2) began before those sections ceased to have effect.

  • Marginal note:Transitional provision — section 83.3

    (2) In the event that section 83.3 ceases to have effect in accordance with section 83.32, a person detained in custody under section 83.3 shall be released when that section ceases to have effect, except that subsections 83.3(7) to (14) continue to apply to a person who was taken before a judge under subsection 83.3(6) before section 83.3 ceased to have effect.

  • 2001, c. 41, s. 4
  • 2013, c. 9, s. 13

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