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National Defence Act

Version of section 159.7 from 2022-06-20 to 2024-04-01:

Marginal note:Reasons

  •  (1) The military judge shall include in the minutes of any proceedings under this Division the reasons for any direction.

  • Marginal note:Consideration of victim’s safety and security

    (2) If the military judge directs that a person be released, with or without conditions, the military judge shall include in the direction a statement that he or she has considered the safety and security of every victim of the alleged offence.

  • Marginal note:Copy to victim

    (3) The military judge shall, on request by a victim of the alleged offence, cause a copy of the direction to be given to the victim.

  • 1998, c. 35, s. 42
  • 2019, c. 15, s. 23

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