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Northern Pipeline Act

Version of section 24 from 2003-07-02 to 2019-08-27:

Marginal note:Decision or order final

  •  (1) A decision or order of the Board in relation to the pipeline is valid and effective, final and conclusive and, except as provided in subsection (2), no such decision or order or any proceeding of the Board resulting in the issue of such a decision or order is subject to any proceeding by way of appeal or review in any court or to be questioned, enjoined, prohibited, removed, restrained, set aside or otherwise affected by any such proceeding.

  • Marginal note:Judicial review

    (2) Where a person is directly affected by a decision or order of the Board in relation to the pipeline, that person may apply for a review of the decision or order under the Federal Courts Act by filing a notice of the application in the Federal Court of Appeal within thirty days after the decision or order is made or within such further time as the Court or a judge thereof may, either before or after the expiration of those thirty days, fix or allow.

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