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Marine Liability Act

Version of section 102 from 2010-01-02 to 2018-12-12:

Marginal note:Action by Administrator

  •  (1) If there is an occurrence that gives rise to the liability of an owner of a ship under section 51, 71 or 77, Article III of the Civil Liability Convention or Article 3 of the Bunkers Convention,

    • (a) the Administrator may, either before or after receiving a claim under section 103, commence an action in rem against the ship that is the subject of the claim, or against any proceeds of sale of the ship that have been paid into court; and

    • (b) subject to subsection (3), the Administrator is entitled in any such action to claim security in an amount not less than the owner’s maximum aggregate liability determined in accordance with section 71 or 77, or Article V of the Civil Liability Convention.

  • Marginal note:Subrogation

    (2) The Administrator may continue the action only if he or she has become subrogated to the rights of the claimant under paragraph 106(3)(c).

  • Marginal note:Entitlement to claim security

    (3) The Administrator is not entitled to claim security under subsection (1) if

    • (a) in the case of a ship within the meaning of Article I of the Civil Liability Convention, a fund has been constituted under subsection 52(2); and

    • (b) in the case of any other ship, a fund has been constituted under Article 11 of the Convention as defined in section 24.

  • 2001, c. 6, s. 102
  • 2009, c. 21, s. 11

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