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Financial Administration Act

Version of section 55 from 2016-12-15 to 2024-06-19:

Marginal note:Payment of loan expenses

 With the authority of the Governor in Council, there may be paid out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund

  • (a) all money required under section 53 to provide a sinking fund or other means of securing repayment of securities;

  • (b) the remuneration and compensation of registrars and fiscal agents appointed under section 51;

  • (c) all costs, expenses and charges incurred in the negotiation or raising of loans or in the issue, redemption, servicing, payment and management of any loan and any securities issued in respect thereof;

  • (d) all money required to be paid under contracts and agreements entered into under this Part, either before or after the coming into force of this paragraph; and

  • (e) all money that the Minister considers appropriate to pay in the exercise of his or her power to do any other thing relating to the borrowing of money under subsection 44(3).

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  • 2016, c. 12, s. 122

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