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Criminal Code

Version of section 487.02 from 2023-01-14 to 2024-03-20:

Marginal note:Assistance order

  •  (1) If an authorization is given under section 184.2, 186 or 188 or a warrant is issued under this Act, the judge or justice who gives the authorization or issues the warrant may order a person to provide assistance, if the person’s assistance may reasonably be considered to be required to give effect to the authorization or warrant. The order has effect throughout Canada.

  • Marginal note:Telecommunication

    (2) If the authorization is given or the warrant is issued by a means of telecommunication under section 184.3 or 487.1, the order to provide assistance may be issued by a means of telecommunication and, in that case, section 184.3 or 487.1, as the case may be, applies with respect to the order.

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