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Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act

Version of section 39.17 from 2002-12-31 to 2012-05-23:

Marginal note:Leave of court

  •  (1) A superior court may, on such terms as it considers proper, grant leave to a person to do any thing that the person would otherwise be prevented from doing by section 39.15, if the court is satisfied

    • (a) that the person is likely to be materially prejudiced if leave is not granted; or

    • (b) that it is equitable on other grounds to grant leave.

  • Marginal note:Corporation to be made party

    (2) The Corporation must be joined as a respondent in any application under subsection (1) and is entitled to such notice of the application as the court considers proper.

  • Marginal note:Orders of national effect

    (3) An order of a superior court of a province under subsection (1) may, if the order so provides, have effect in all or a part of Canada outside the province.

  • 1992, c. 26, s. 11
  • 1996, c. 6, s. 41

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