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Canadian Multiculturalism Act

Version of section 2 from 2003-04-01 to 2014-03-31:

Marginal note:Definitions

 In this Act,

federal institution

institutions fédérales

federal institution means any of the following institutions of the Government of Canada:

  • (a) a department, board, commission or council, or other body or office, established to perform a governmental function by or pursuant to an Act of Parliament or by or under the authority of the Governor in Council, and

  • (b) a departmental corporation or Crown corporation as defined in section 2 of the Financial Administration Act,

but does not include

  • (c) any institution of the Council or government of the Northwest Territories or of the Legislative Assembly or government of Yukon or Nunavut, or

  • (d) any Indian band, band council or other body established to perform a governmental function in relation to an Indian band or other group of aboriginal people; (institutions fédérales)



Minister means such member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada as is designated by the Governor in Council as the Minister for the purposes of this Act. (ministre)

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