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Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

Version of section 66.14 from 2002-12-31 to 2009-09-17:

Marginal note:Duties of administrator

 The administrator shall, within ten days after filing a consumer proposal with the official receiver,

  • (a) prepare and file with the official receiver a report in the prescribed form setting out

    • (i) the results of the investigation made under paragraph 66.13(2)(a),

    • (ii) the administrator’s opinion as to whether the consumer proposal is reasonable and fair to the consumer debtor and the creditors, and whether the consumer debtor will be able to perform it,

    • (iii) a condensed statement of the consumer debtor’s assets, liabilities, income and expenses, and

    • (iv) a list of the creditors whose claims exceed two hundred and fifty dollars; and

  • (b) send to every known creditor, in the prescribed form and manner,

    • (i) a copy of the consumer proposal,

    • (ii) a copy of the report referred to in paragraph (a),

    • (iii) a form of proof of claim as prescribed, and

    • (iv) a statement explaining that a meeting of creditors will be called only if required under section 66.15 and that a review of the consumer proposal by a court will be made only if it is requested in accordance with subsection 66.22(1).

  • 1992, c. 27, s. 32
  • 1997, c. 12, s. 47

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